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This portfolio is about Zahid Tapas and his interest to become an ambitious IT Consultant. After researching a variety of different digital careers, Zahid has decided to pursue a career in IT Consulting. From a young age Zahid has devoted most of his life to study information technology and aims to use his vast knowledge to help mould the future of organisations to help them achieve their full potential. Zahid is constantly striving to be successful.

Zahid Tapas Presentation

Zahid Tapas Delivering a Presentation.

Zahid is currently an undergraduate at University of Salford working hard towards completing a BSc Honours in Business Information Technology. Zahid has developed a knowledge of a variety of theories both about business and IT and is determined to explore the vast array of options available after completing two years of study. Now Zahid is in his third and final year and has developed a coherent understanding of how the collaboration of Business and Information Technology is shaping our world today.

Zahid has recently spoken in front of a diverse audience about his ambitions of becoming an IT Consultant. Zahid displayed great confidence and enthusiasm when presenting his ideas as to how he can achieve his goals of becoming an IT Consultant. Zahid is an enthusiastic individual who is never afraid of a challenge, achieving an average of 65% in two years of study at universiy, he has made great progress in his final year to achieve his dream of graduating with a First class Honours degree in Business Information Technology.

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