Development Of Virtual House Viewings

Ever left wondering how technology has advanced so fast that it’s now getting to the stages that almost everything can be done from the comforts of your own home?!

With technology advancing at such rapid speeds, it has become apparent that running a business, whether it be large or small, is at the advantage of making different tasks much easier to process through the developments of technology.

Throughout my employment at a local property letting company, WM Properties. I have come across a problem that every estate agent has experienced while working in this profession.

One of the biggest advantages that technology has achieved for WM Properties is the access to different advertising methods. With such a vast array of ways to advertise, through the internet, being able to manage the demand has become more difficult.

When it comes to the day to day running of the business a key aspect when dealing with properties is being able to offer house viewings to different clients.

Thru the benefit of being able to advertise to almost everyone using the World Wide Web, I have discovered a MASSIVE business problem.

Understandably the problem was only discovered when I was working my part time job in a letting agency called WM Properties. The capabilities of being able to advertise to almost everybody is the easy part of the business process, but the real difficulty comes when individual clients want to view the property to get a better view than simply looking at images, because they have a real interest for that property.

The trick of meeting a client also works vice versa because as an agent, arranging house viewing gave me a much better understanding of the individuals that could be living within the property and from the initial meet and greet it let me judge on how much of a good fit they are within that property.

Now when it comes to doing a house viewing there always seems to be a serious problem when trying to organize a time to meet, this is due to a number of different circumstances such as lack of time because of other commitments and not being able to get out of work or family commitments. Obviously these circumstances occur because of the client but it leaves letting agencies in a predicament, which is that if we are not able to do viewings with clients, then the properties will not be able to be rented out or sold.

The new way in doing a house viewing
The new way in doing a house viewing


An innovative solution to this business problem can be solved using some technology advances. The most recent craze in technology advances has come about with the capabilities of being able to live stream. This fundamentally means that an individual can see what you want them to see live in that present time.

This can be developed through an application and it should be accessible through a number of different devices. The biggest advantages of this would be that it would help with those clients which would be traveling from far distances. Another advantage is that it will be a much easier process than having to meet and greet a client and inevitably will save all the small talk, once this application is developed it should make the whole house viewing process quick and easy.

There is also a monetary advantage to all this because when a house viewing usually does take place there will be the need to offer some condiments and also make the house a warm, welcoming environment. This all results in big costs to the estate agents if the house viewing does not become a successful outcome and with the research i have carried out, only 20% of viewings are successful.

Probably the best thing to happen on Creative Hive.

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