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In an age of technology, we recognize that your Electorate has failed to capitalize on the use of digital devices to provide you with an avenue to vote.  Smart Vote is a Mobile Application that gives you access to your democratic right from anywhere in the world. It provides a free convenient and secure portal to your ballot allowing you to select and communicate your democratic choice in real time within a secure end-to-end encrypted network.

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Smart Vote is Convenient
Why stand in line to vote?

We have heard your complaints of standing in line, we have seen you waiting for hours on end to fulfill your civic duty.  We saw your feeble mother waiting patiently in her wheel chair and your son roll his eyes at the archaic system. With Smart Vote, you, your elderly mother and your son, can have a “line free” experience in the upcoming elections.  No hassle, no rush – just reach for your mobile device – select your candidate and vote without missing a beat. Simple, accurate and convenient access throughout the voting period.

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Voting Made Simple and Secure

You may be concerned about security – hackers and fraudsters; but be reassured that our end-to-end encryption guarantees that your vote remains anonymous and protects against voter deception and manipulation. With one click you can download our free app and revolutionize your voting experience in just Five Easy Steps

Step 1 – Download Smart Vote to your mobile device
Step 2 – Enter your voter registration number to confirm your eligibility
Step 3 – Select your candidates on your e-ballot
Step 4 – Place your index finger on the red dot in the center of your screen to validate and authenticate your vote with your finger print
Step 5 – Wait for your mobile device to vibrate to signal the transfer of your ballot to your Electorate

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Smart Vote is Authentic & Trustworthy

Smart Vote has been used in the Caribbean, Asia, United States and Europe

Over 30 million voters have successfully participated in their democratic process using Smart Vote

Smart Vote currently is the only voting system that has successfully secured its data against fraud and misrepresentation

Smart Vote is a Tried and Proven Success

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Upgrade to our Premium Smart Vote App $$$

We know you are an involved citizen and require much more in making your choice for leadership of your government.  For you, we have created a Premium Upgrade for your mobile device.  Premium Smart Vote App provides access to vital data for an effective choice:

  • Access to Candidate and Constituency Profiles
  • Current Trends & Statistics
  • Pre-Election Poll Results
  • Historical Review of Contending Parties
  • Past Poll Reports and
  • Minute by Minute Vote Tabulations

Premium Smart Vote App also allows you to post your opinions and views to your social media network – Facebook, Twitter Snapchat and Instagram – as the polls progress.    Upgrade to our Premium Smart Vote App


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