Parental control software development idea

Why should you use parental control software?

Parental control software helps to manage child’s device in a number of ways.parental Control Software

– Have you ever wondered if your child is spending too much time using a mobile device? 

– Are you worried about your child using mobile phone during school lessons or past the bed time?

With the emergence of technology as more and more people are becoming addicted to mobile devices. This is important because it needs to emphasize children mobile addiction. Four in ten young children are addicted to mobile technology and the internet. This has a huge effect on their health, development, communication skills and habits. The whole team has agreed to challenge this growing issue.

The Assist My Child team aim is to provide a helpful base for parents to have a mobile device management. Parents are the ones who understand the actual technology addiction issue and  consequences.

Best parental control software solution

The whole team has started in developing a parental control software called Assist My Child.  This application stands out from other similar mobile applications that are available on the market due to its unique features.

Most importantly, it is not just a parental lock app.  The team has focused not just on parental interface development, but also on the improvement of child’s interface. This way it is not just another mobile device app  for parents. Assist My Child  is to create a funny, unique and engaging experience for a child to enjoy.

therefore, to improve the child’s interface,  it has been decided by the team to provide educational elements. The team will also suggest other mobile applications. Therefore, it can  meet the primary school standards. The team will offer additional  support for learning by providing interactive and more ways to present information in a friendly.

On the parent’s interface, we have a number of features allowing to limit and monitor child’s mobile device usage. Assist My Child is a parental control software which contains various of features such as app block, time limit for selected apps, call manager, online spendings management tool, gallery viewer and more.

All of these features can be viewed from the  parent’s interface to be added on to  their child’s device. As the parents has the full control of this application.

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Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.

Bus ticket on your phone


Have you ever got on a bus without a bus pass and struggled to find the right amount of change in time? Having notes instead of coins makes an awkward situation with the driver as well as other passengers. Most of us are familiar with these situations either personally or watching someone going through it. Read on for an innovative solution for daily use.

What is already on the global market?

There are plenty of cities which provide different solutions to overcome the same problem. For example the Oyster smartcard in London. It was launched in June 2003, and is now widely used by Londoners. There are more than 8.6 million people living there and around 2.2 million passengers use this card every day and there are 33 million Oyster cards in circulation. It allows travellers to top up the card or set up auto top-up and use on any type of public transport. Another example is in Hong Kong which has contactless smart cards for not only transport, but other sectors such as retail, parking, leisure, to access commercial or residential buildings, hospitals, schools, public services. Despite the unused money on card, the main idea of it is better than carrying cash. However, carrying card is not always convenient so now it is time to move forward and discover a new, even better digital solution!

The solution

Digital technology is helping with so many things in life but does not touch such an obvious and common problem in Manchester, which is known for its digital economy. There is an idea of a smartcard for Manchester transport, but it had to come out in 2015, which is nearly finished. Therefore, here we present an innovative digital solution for Transport in Greater Manchester bus service allowing you to have your bus ticket in your mobile phone or be able to purchase one using your device. It is available with the new TfGM mTicket mobile application.

How does it work?

TfGM mTicket App has a Quick Response (QR) code (yes, it is the square dots arranged in a square pattern on a white background) payment via smartphone, which allows you to pay any amount needed for the ticket. This app will be linked with your payment card and, as long as you have provided the right debit or credit card information and have enough money there, you will be able to pay in the bus by scanning your individual QR code generated by this app. No more mess with coins and bunches of cards in your wallet. Could it be any easier?

If you question why it couldn’t be like Apple Pay, which works through Near Field Communication (NFC) based mobile payments, think about non-iPhone users. Unfortunately, NFC are not available on many devices and QR codes are much more cost-effective and viable for banks and payment system providers than NFC, which perfectly meets TfGM goals.

The benefits

– This technique is easy to use, and includes just a few preparation steps:


– Quicker, easier, and less stressful boarding process due to cutting down transaction and queue time.

– Happier customer – less complains for the bus company. Higher rate of reaching each bus stop on time makes all of us happy.

– United bus operators – no more separate tickets for different bus providers.

– No paper tickets, no handover cash, no cards!



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