Coding is one of those things that when it is heard or mentioned the hearts of those present stop. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Coding is just the main way we all make apps,websites and of course computer software. This is because when we are ‘coding’ we are giving the computer a set of instructions to follow. With this the possibilities are endless meaning some people can use it better than others. In this blog i am going to explain how coding effects me and everyone and how it can be useful to a lot of different things especially within business.
You know that app on your phone? The one you sit on all day texting. Well that app would not be possible if it wasn’t for coding. It has become so important we all use finished products of coding without even paying attention to it. Coding is important to me because it helps us to use technology for business purposes such as online shopping on the web. This enables businesses to establish a online presence and reach to a wider target consumer as on the internet it is easy to go national or even global. This is how businesses like Amazon (who specialise in selling a large range of products online) are thriving. For me i would like the skills of coding to aid me get a job in which I develop the online facilities for businesses and propose excellent business models for success. This is because I believe I can use my business mind to create a platform for businesses from the physical side of the world to the digital side and coding helps create that platform. So in a way the most successful current businesses use the skills of coding as the basis of their business models.
Nowadays businesses use coding for business related apps or even the complete opposite, they use apps for business. Examples of this can be seen through the work of Mark zukkenburg and the creation of facebook or even through most social networking sites such as twitter. These businesses generate billions of pounds through the use of a cleverly calculated computer coding. This shows the importance of having a good knowledge of coding as using the skills as well as an entrepreneurial mind could help revolutionise the word and bring about great success. Just ask mark why don’t you.
To conclude i would like to stress the importance of coding and how it is used in our everyday life’s. We can’t even code without code put your head around that. It’s similar to the concept what came first, the chicken or the egg? But in this case it’s the code or the code? It doesn’t make sense doesn’t it. Well id doesn’t have to. It just has to work. Facebook might have not made sense 20 years ago now look at it and remember how important coding can actually be. It can change things like it did with social media within an instance. Well in guess we all better start to learn coding then.