This is my first ever blog post so bare with me! it is going to be all about the wonderfully world of HTML and CSS. So buckle up because your in for a educational rollercoaster.

It has been a very interesting first three week studying the module Principles of Systems Development with Rich and Suzanna. We have been focusing on HTML and CSS and how they are used to create website, which I must admit I was very sceptical to learn about at first, but when we got into and blown away the Christmas cobwebs it was something I enjoyed surprisingly.

For novices much like my self and don’t know the first thing about HTML and CSS, well do not fear I am here to help. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which allows website to be created, but these websites must be connected to the internet to be fully functional. CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is a style sheet language which is used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language (HTML).

We have been mainly focusing on HTML for the first three weeks, as I said before was hard at first. With Rich throwing words out their like tag, element, Heading and many more I had no idea what he was talking about and this only got worst when he actually showed us some coding. For a novice like me seeing a large page of coding was a daunting experience to say the least.

The end of week 2 was a massive turning point for me though as Rich had set out some work for us to do, for example using HTML create Heading, increase a picture, make text bold and italic and many more activity. This is were I really made my break through and everything seemed to click.

I have been introduce to many different type of software to use when creating my website. See list below:

  1. Brackets (Text Editor)
  2. FileZilla (An FTP Client which is used to transfer all the files with your coding on from your laptop onto a network which will make it public to the world for everyone to see)
  3. Mark Up Validation service (just paste and code that you have done and it will tell you if you have made any mistakes and what you need to do to fix it)

All of the listed software above are essential to creating a website, so would highly recommend getting them, they are all free to download and use. It is also good to use textbook when learn how to use HTML to construct your website, one book that I have found very useful and has the answer to all your question. HTML & CSS design and build websites by Jon Puckett, I would highly recommend buy it.

You can find all the links to the software and books I have mentioned on this blog post at the bottom.

The many thing I have take from this experience is that you cant remember every single bit of coding, it is impossible even Rich can’t do it. So don’t be worried when you are coding and forget something, everyone does it, just search it up that is the beauty of the internet.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have done writing it. I hope it has inspired people that have never tried coding to try it.

Thanks for reading.




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