Digital Marketing Strategy – from fear to fun!

I have two years of working experience in Marketing in one of the most reputable Department Store in Vietnam – Lotte Department Store before becoming Msc Marketing student at Salford Business School, University of Salford. I worked as a Digital Marketing executive, being in charge of company’s social media channels and website for months. However, I have to admit that I didn’t have any passion for it because I didn’t  have any basic knowledge of Digital Marketing as well as to build up an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. It is until taking Marketing course in Salford Business School and learing module “Search and Social Media Marketing” (SSMM) do I find myself engaged with Digital Maketing trend which has been thrived and will blossom much more massively in the years coming worldwide.

First of all, before dive into how to use online channels to build up Digital Marketing Strategy, clear understanding about what they are is absolutely essential. Thanks to SSMM module, I have an overview as well as critical knowledge of Digital Marketing, and sort out my tangle of terms SEO, PCC, SERPs, SMO,…


What is Digital Marketing?

If you are new to this field, don’t hesitate to weapon yourself with basic definitions of these terms:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing which is also known as electronic marketing, online marketing or Internet marketing, is described as “the primary use of digital technologies to support the marketing function of an organization”. In other words, Digital marketing means the way you deliver your online messages to customers in order to “attract and engage them in activities associated with the business’s goods and services” (Heinze A., Fletcher G., Rashid T. and Cruz A.  (2016), Digital and Social Media Marketing, Routledge)

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is one aspect of digital marketing which promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs)
There are two primary types of SME:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO, organic SEO) or natural search
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid search engine marketing, a core activity of Google’s search advertising business.

Social media marketing

This aspect of digital marketing focuses on understanding and engaging customers through social media use. Social media marketing also have both organic and paid approaches.

Mobile marketing

As the name of it, Mobile marketing facilitates customer engagement through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or other mobile computing devices. Among these devices, smartphones is supposed to be the predominant in term of usage. Digital Marketing Trends of 2015-2016 also proves that fact.


Why Digital Marketing?

The development of Social Media is enormous with massively increasing number of users. This leads to the fact that companies has to take it as one of the main Marketing channels in order to reach the biggest number of customers in the shortest period of time. The video below is going to give you numbers of this development that would surprise you.

Social Media Marketing – How it Affects Your Business


My experience in Digital Marketing

What makes “Digital Marketing” closer to me is real example – in this case, an influencer. Our tutors invited Lyndsay Edwards – the owner of blog “Living with cows milk protein allergy”, also a winner of Allergy Blog Award UK, to talk to us about how she created and runs her blog successfully. The key comes from her passion for what she is doing and will do in the future. Lyndsay and her outstanding works point out that the content, the messages and the sincerity in the way we communicate with readers or customers play such an incredible part in contributing to the success of a social media channels.

Live Talk of Lyndsay Edwards - owner of blog "Living with CMPA"
Live Talk of Lyndsay Edwards – owner of blog “Living with CMPA”

However, a successful digital marketing strategy is not made of one and only online channel but many of them. And how to connect and optimize them all at the same time is the ultimate mission of digital marketers. After going through concrete foundation of Digital Marketing, our class were assigned a task of creating our own online personal brands using Digital Marketing Strategy. I have to admit that after receiving the task, I was in the middle of nowhere. But thanks to my supportive tutor Dr. Aleksej Heinze, I understand how I can start. And there is one of his advices that impressed me the most and could be helpful for me in the future as well. That is the matter of Digital Marketing also lies in the way you choose channels to work with. It’s all about how you can OPTIMIZE your channels, not how MANY channels you have.

My advice for Digital Marketers?

My one and only advice for would-be Digital Marketer is “practice make perfect”. The quantity and quality of online channels multiple day by day so that if you don’t experience them now, then when? You should experience as many channels as you can and then decide which ones are suitable the most for your business and your customers. Even if you can hire any digital agents to do the task for you, you should have your own knowledge if you don’t want to fall behind world leading trends in Marketing.

Or if some of you are like me – the one who was once afraid of Digital Marketing, my advice is face your fear. It’s the only way you can stop it. Then you will find fun! If you want to discuss more with me about Digital Marketing Strategy, please feel free to contact me via email, Linkedin or Twitter.



Heinze A., Fletcher G., Rashid T. and Cruz A.  (2016), Digital and Social Media Marketing, Routledge