Chef Pot

A Cooking Pot That Teaches You New Cuisines…Really?

What it’s all about


Cooking can be a very tricky and complex process, different ingredients come together under various conditions to create an edible marvel. Putting an ingredient at the wrong time during the cooking process might divert the expected outcome to a disastrous one.

For novice cooks, there is usually the problem of not knowing when to put an ingredient, and what amount of the ingredient is needed based on the amount of finished food that is desired.

Imagine being able to perfectly cook a foreign dish without watching any videos or having a cook present. Just like rice cookers, where users are assured a perfectly cooked rice. Our cooking pot assures the user a perfectly cooked meal.

If there was just a way to know when exactly to put ingredients, a way to be notified and guided through the cooking process with no external human help.

Our Product

The solution is to have a digital cooking pot. There are a few varieties of digital pots available, but all they do is measure temperature and time the overall cooking process and none is large enough for major family meals.

The most unique aspects of our product are its size (5.2 Litre), and a water proof interactive display screen on the pot which shows various scales and information e.g.

  1. Weight of content
  2. Temperature of content
  3. Timer
  4. Recipe Display
  5. Notification

All the above mentioned features are crucial to having full control of your cooking, the weight scale is used to accurately know how much of an ingredient is being used, the temperature sensor keeps track of the internal temperature, thereby controlling the thermostat based on the instructions available for a particular meal. The timer is used to accurately know when to notify the cook, which is also based on the instructions keyed in for that meal. The display, for the user’s interaction with the pot. The notification is done using sound, just like a microwave when it’s done and via the smart phone used to connect with the pot.

Considering most people have smart phones e.g. Android or Apple(iPhone), the pots display contents can be controlled by pairing their phone to our “Chef-Pot” using our mobile application.

The above video shows a similar pot (Crock-Pot) with a display, most importantly it shows the possibilities of functions on a cooking pot.

How it works

There are two parts to using our product, first the user downloads our mobile application. The application is populated with recipes from around the world, a user can also key in their own recipes by copying and pasting from an online source or within their phone to the application.

The user then pairs their phone with our digital pot, this allows users to see all recipes on the pot itself, a touch screen on the pot is used for interaction/selection.

A user selects their desired meal, a list of all ingredients needed is then displayed on the screen, user then confirms the meal by selecting OK, the first instruction is then displayed on the screen, the user selects next after completing what the instruction says.

The Technical Bit.

The cooker uses the same type of thermocouple as a rice cooker, this helps eliminate having a burnt meal while you are away from the kitchen. The display runs on a java software. It also uses the idea behind a pan scale for accurate weight measurement.

Why you should get it

Having home made meals can be very nostalgic for people that are away from home, but in most cases cooking those traditional home made meals become a burden for most people. From the amount of effort needed to cook and the lack of experience or even knowledge, with our pot it all becomes easier and smother. And to top it all, cooking in general also helps cut cost on food spending.

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