How tech can change the world?

Simge Vurtak

Nowadays we are currently witnessing to a revolutionary transformation in tech trends which are acclaimed as the  development after the Industrial Revolution. Watching Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s new Google Assistant, robots having emotions with learning abilities has become something ordinary for our daily lives now. Mobile Tech News decided to deliver you an article series for top 2018 tech trends. This week our focus is: Search Marketing.

Further researches on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning supported by big global companies, contribute a lot to the whole digital ecosystem today. In a world where special featured products meet with customers and needs, competition in markets gets higher.

As a consequence, there are some effects on digital marketing and SEO world. Search marketing is one the main competition fields as within the AI boosted search engines people more and more search things in human dialogue formats.

Search Trends in Future

Here is an overview of the online media according to Mediacom’s key figures. Following first two keynotes, Global Director of Innovation Programmes, Liam Brennan explains how voice-based search trends doesn’t only change consumers’ media consumption but also ways how they search for the information.

When AI boosted products and services are the point, it is impossible to mention voice search in today’s world.

What is more?

Speaking about Google Assistant and Alexa, we should notice that these are all examples that are transforming our search habits. Instead of old search keywords or simply typing on a screen what we want, we now can just ask as it is part of a daily conversation. Jayson Demers from Forbes reveals some numbers in his article that according to Location World 40% of adult internet users went through voice-based search in 2016. More important is that trend prections point out to a 50% of users will use voice-based search by 2010. For those who are interested can find the full article here.

New mobile service for exhibition business on its way!

The event industry today, despite the economic crisis and safety issues, keeps growing crossing other large sectors beside. The Industry successfully absorbs and expands its impact by adding new models of event that new profile of attendees would interest. As the new and old concepts are combined, business fairs keep profiting from this hybrid offers.  According to Eventbrite numbers, the sector’s total value in UK is equivalent to £42.3 billion. Every year 25,000 different businesses, travel companies, event organisers and brands alike invest on this industry of billions across the UK.

Considering this, Expo App start-up noticed that most of the heavy event operations are still being handled with old business models that are resulted by high expense costs. From the brand’s point of view, it is obvious that they need digital solutions fitting into current customer behaviours. However, the sector has not met yet an interactive and inclusive solution as there is no common platform able to gather the whole in one.

This is the principal idea what relies behind the app project Expo App! Let’s see their introducing video below:

In order to offer innovative solutions to all these various actors, they first scanned a large amount of awards data on this topic. After detecting the sector gap, the team started to work on the most cost and time efficient offer. During the conceptualization process, a range of focus group interviews is conducted as well to support their work. Here what they told Mobile Tech News last week:

…Pursuing the need for digitalization, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry has been promising new awards in various categories where the ‘Digital Innovation’ also takes place. When Expo App scanned all the category awards, there were not many application solutions although actual digital trends show mobile is the future of most of the businesses. We appreciate all new ideas that would enhance our mind sets. The winner of the year 2017, Grip, for instance created an app that focused on creating a better networking experience between exhibitors and buyers within an AI based profile-matching app.  There also exist winning app ideas from previous years, which mostly targets guiding participants during the exhibitions but any of them do not offer to user a decision-making tool to save their money and time.

According to their records, when it comes to Expo App, it is pivotal that with its fully segmented search button, mobile user can search with any criteria he/she wants, add to favorites, and compare two or more exhibitions around the world. No more days spent on hesitating, collecting data from different exhibitions held globally, reaching out to the event company and trying to figure out what your stand choice will cost to you. This is basically what you are going to do:

  • Download the Expo App on App Store or Google Play
  • Free Sign up
  • Start to search exhibitions anywhere
  • Pick one or more events
  • Compare their advantages, stand options, venue facilities, business opportunities and so on
  • Make a perfect decision-making for your budget and company without losing your time.
  • Select your exhibition, display the stand field, choose yours which into your budget.
  • Book online, pay online. No single paper.
  • A user-friendly but complex platform that serves both to exhibitors, buyers and intersectional sectors.


Working on their service concept over this innovational project, they also conducted a range of focus group interviews composed by 23 people, composing from engineers, IT workers, social media supervisors, content creators, business people, lawyers and students alike.


Results seem cheerful!

83, 34 of the total rated Expo App idea with 5 and 4 stars. 95,84 % declared that they would definitely/probably recommend this app to their networks and 91, 67 of it said that they would definitely/probably use this kind of an app.

You can display the original video of infographics on this link, have a look to survey here.  Share your opinion for a better vision, they will be happy to hear from you!