Hi my name is Syed Hussain, an aspiring business analyst. I’m currently an undergraduate at University of Salford working towards completing a BSc Honours in Business Information Technology. As i’m in my final year, I would like to have the opportunity to gain some knowledge in business analytics and showcase what I have learned and gained.

One of my services that I can offer is providing Businesses with ideas that would develop and generate income for their companies. For e.g. One of the businesses that I had offered my services to were The New Shabna Tandoori who were a food business that were looking to open several branches, however were looking to improve on their main branch.

My services had included in providing them advice on the introduction of social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter. As well as introduction of a mobile app service that can compete with the likes of Just Eat and Hungry House. Overall the result was successful as their had been a significant rise in terms of their income, also their had been great positive feedback from the customers.





Hopefully I can be of assistance to many businesses who require my knowledge and expertise, also the possibility to gain more knowledge so I can be the solution for the problems of businesses.