Seizure Monitor

How did it start?

It’s heartbreaking witnessing a friend or a loved one go through an uncontrollable situation. I have never had a seizure and I can not begin to imagine the emotions of having one. However, the first time I witnessed a seizure was through a very close friend. It broke my heart simply because I could not help him out of it.

Later On, my brother was diagnosed with epilepsy, which made matters worse. After spending hours on the internet of researching what caused his seizures and how they could be minimised, I found a lot of shocking information which many people may not know.

Did you know death rates in people with epilepsy rose by 70% between 2001 and 2014?, a research by Public Health England (PHE). This is highly attributed to there being a lack of alert systems of knowing when a seizure is about to occur. In total, there are six types of seizures which can be triggered by light, patterns, and noise.

What’s Next?

We were unclear as to my brother’s type, which got me thinking, what if there was a product that could monitor brain waves to determine my brother seizure and other factors such as; duration, heart rate, distinctive causes, etc.

The brain is a very controlled system, carrying chemicals and electrical messages through nerve cells. In any circumstance, if the nerves cells backfire, the orderly system gets disturbed, disrupted and disorganised-and this causes seizures. By introducing my innovative idea of a tech wearable to monitor neurological behavior through the median nerve in the wrist, which carries electrical messages between the hand and brain.

A focus group was conducted with individuals to understand their emotions about the idea. The Infographic below entails the feedback from the focus group.


Swatch can be used to detect any type of seizures, and suitable for anyone over the age of 12 years old. With an elegant, discreet and modern design and the feature of customisation, Swatch performs its purpose without obstructing day to day activities. With an advanced accelerometer and Artificial Intelligent gyroscope, swatch does not only detect vibrations and convulsions of a seizure but can also differentiate between movements in everyday activities and a seizure.

The sensor in the swatch connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth and sends data to the Swatch App. A lightweight structure means it can be worn throughout the day and night for 23 hours, leaving an hour to charge, whilst sending data to the app.

Through monitoring brain waves and neurological activities, the app sends an alert to registered friends or loved ones when heart rate increases unexpectedly.

Users can subscribe to a 24/7 monitoring service, alerting emergency services to summon immediate assistance with GPS locator.

So, what does it look like?

The picture above shows an overview of what the app looks like on a smartphone.


The above video shows a snippet of the display on the wristwatch, the collected data from the watch sent to the app would assist medical practitioners by showing a record of previous seizures, time of seizure, duration and heart rate during the period.

Although they may need to carry out an accurate test, collected data helps users indicate what causes seizures. Registered users have an option to subscribe for dietary packages tailored to their needs.

By having these Features, users can minimise factors which trigger their seizures. Further development includes; adding a medicine reminder, a forumĀ for other users to come together and communicate with each other as well as ask questions about different experiences to reduce the feeling of loneliness.

This will increase self-esteem and confidence.