‘Haunted iphone.’ i-phone & Palm Top Theatre 2014




‘Haunted iphone.’ i-phone & Palm Top Theatre 2014

This is a film of the ‘Haunted iphone’ iphone & Palm Top Theatre installation that was exhibited at the Digital Performance Lab, University of Salford, Media City UK Campus 2014.

The story of this ‘Haunted iphone’ movie is that the phone has been haunted by a spirit who was a man that was mugged and killed for his phone. This is based on a number of news reports of true iphone muggings that have happened in the UK and around the world. The phone on display plays a movie that is displayed as a 3D hologram on top of the phone via a Palm Top Theatre. The ghost has glitched all of the files, music, videos, apps etc.

The Palm Top Theatre is a device uses a similar holographic technique used by Peppers Ghost. Peppers Ghost was used in Victorian theaters across London in the 1860s whereby a ghostly figure was projected on stage. Hidden from the audience’s view, an actor dressed in a ghostly costume would stand facing a 45 – degree angled massive slab of glass. The audience would be able to see the glass, but not the director completely. Specifically angled lighting would reflect the actor’s image into the plate of glass, a transparent ghost like reflection would appear in front of the audience.

The Palm Top Theatre invented by media artist Jitsuro Mase produces the same 3-D illusion effect as Peppers Ghost. He invented a way to make 3D images using the 2D screen of an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad. 3-D film. 3D film and video has been making resurgence in our culture, as demonstrated by the release of one 3D feature film after another, and the recent inclusion of the technology into televisions.


Professor Paul SermonSalford University

“The Haunted i-phone is an excellent piece of work. Suzanne has really pushed herself in producing this piece and taken herself out of her comfort zone. Each decision in the process of creating the work has been carefully considered, and whole project has moved on a great deal from her initial proposal 6 months ago, to what she presented in her Degree Show. Her level of commitment is evident, but she has strived hard to challenge every aspect of the process. The work is extremely professional and is an excellent example of what can be achieved via the palm top theatre.”