About Suhail Patel

Suhail Patel

This page is dedicated to Suhail Patel and how he intends to become a Business Analyst (BA). From a small age Suhail has been interested in pursuing a career as a BA, however, recently the interest to chase this career has grown for a number of reasons. Suhail has always been dedicated his life to information technology from high school through Sixth Form and this passion has allowed Suhail to study Business Information Technology at University.

Suhail is currently a undergraduate at University of Salford, studying Business Information Technology, in expectation of a first class BSc degree. The interest in information technology and business studies has always been there for Suhail since secondary school throughout his education. Hence why Suhail chose to do Business Information Technology as it incorporates his best two subjects into one. Studying this degree at university has allowed Suhail to have a better understanding of how Business and IT are incorporated in to organisations.

As a Business and IT understudy, Suhail’s abilities are kept updated and his insight into using equipment and programming has expanded throughout the years. Information Technology has quickly changed throughout the years which has expanded his enthusiasm for this region and the motivation behind why he is so eager to become a BA. Suhail is currently looking for some extra work experience in the BA field, adding to what he already has in order to follow his dreams.

Suhail has developed his interest in becoming a Business Analyst and has recently spoke at the Creative Entrepreneur Event 2016. Suhail spoke confidently and was very assuring about his interest to become a successful Business Analyst. Suhail is a confident individual who expresses his interest through education and is shown in previous years achieving an average of 66%. Mathematical, critical and analytical skills much improved by studying various modules.