Health and Beauty Content Marketing Specialist


Health and Beauty Content Marketing Specialist | Health & Beauty Blogger

Current role: Brand design & Marketing Coordinator for Design Plus Health & Beauty

Health and Beauty Content Marketing Specialist

As a health and beauty content marketing specialist I am always looking for opportunities to progress and excel within digital marketing.

I have a strong skill set within content marketing, including an understanding of digital marketing trends, SEO, keyword research, influencer outreach and planning and producing engaging and innovative content, blogs and videos.

My interests lie strongly within health and beauty, including health content, beauty content marketing, and beauty blogging. With a fashion and beauty background, I’m both pro-active and enthusiastic about the industry, and keep up to date with the latest market trends, which enables me to create high quality compelling content, increasing brand engagement. My current role as a Brand Design & Marketing Coordinator for Design Plus Health & Beauty, covers all areas of creative and digital marketing, including social media and content creation.

I provide engaging content including video reviews, vlogs and blogs for an e-commerce website in the health and beauty sector, called Simply Wigs. But I also own my own UK beauty blog; where I write optimised content focusing on a subject personal to me (the hint is the name.)

Currently, i’m an Msc Digital Marketing student with the aim of graduating and building a successful career in content marketing. The aim of this blog is to not only follow my university research, journey and personal development but to share more information on my digital and content marketing skills, career development, experience and tips.

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