Introducing Sightsnap!

Traveling to other countries and exotic locations is an activity that in most cases is something that takes a lot of planning and effort. People usually want spend their free time from work away and try to combine their relaxing time with exploring cities, landscapes and nature.

Based on an excessive research and its analysis that was performed for the UK’s travel companies in 2013, a percentage of almost 35% of those companies’ bookings were made by single travellers.

graphAccording to a study performed by TripAdvisor, in the last few years more and more people are downloading and using apps related to travel. Some other results are shown in the graphs on the left.

This outcome can mean a lot of things. People that usually travel alone will definitely try to save as much money as they can. In order to fully experience the story behind famous sights and monuments, travellers will need someone knowledgeable to guide them while exploring. Although the majority of people that look for a vacation destination can identify well-known buildings and places, they are probably not aware of interesting details surrounding their existence. Tour guides usually work with travel agencies and when given the chance, they step in and try to sell their offers to buyers. Unless someone does an excessive research in order to find the best value for money options, travellers end up paying a lot more than they actually wanted or afforded.

This is where the new and innovative app called Sightsnap comes in. Sightsnap is a brand new application that was created by a single traveller like me, for every other single traveller out there and not only. Upon my research, I discovered that there was not any other app that could provide the same features and experience as Sightsnap.

To learn how Sightsnap works, you can continue reading below or watch this short explanatory video:

So here is how it works:
While traveling, people can open the app and then take a snap photo of a popular monument (e.g. the great pyramid of Giza). After that, the app performs a quick search inside its databases until it recognizes the photographed sight.

Once the sight has been identified, the app will return its results:

  • The name of the sight;
  • The location of the sight;
  • The story behind its creation etc.

Another innovating feature that Sightsnap has is the ability to convert the newly found information about a sight into an audio guide. Users are then able to explore the area of their choice while having the option of listening to a high quality audio guidance at the very same time. This combination has been proven to be essential to everyone that used the app before since it provides a complete and unique experience for the everyday traveller.

So, what’s next?

One of the biggest innovations of our time is the design and implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) and its wearable technologies. Sightsnap can be proven to be a great candidate to be used for future AR projects. The possibility of using Sightsnap and special glasses and/or contact lenses seems like a really fascinating idea. Using the Augmented Reality technologies that were mentioned before alongside Sightsnap, users could get a next level experience. For instance, if a user would wear contact lenses and looked at a popular sight (e.g. Big Ben) every bit of information would be visually represented next to the sight in real time.

If you think Sightsnap is a good idea and want to experience what it has to offer please feel free to download it using one of the links below.

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