System Design

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Thank you once again for reading my 3rd blog. As my 2nd blog was about Information system in which I have mentioned some current trends of information system and in my 3rd blog I am going to talk about the system design. I will discuss that what is meant by system design and how e-commerce application could be developed?

Systems design is simply the design of systems. It means a systematic and exact approach to design. “System design is the process of designing the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements. Systems design could be seen as the application of systems theory to product development” (Siddqui, n.d).

System Design

(Northwest Fisheries Science Centre, 2016)

The creation of your unique business system with a focus on automation, high quality output, exceeding your customers’ expectations, the optimization of time and significant money savings while putting you light years ahead of your competition.

System design optimizes the way you run your business. It takes a close look at the way that you run your business in every aspect of it and determines if you could be doing things more easily with less resources or steps or unnecessary effort.  The result is a streamlined way of doing things that can save you time, money and work.

To develop the system we go throw from many steps. We analyse the requirements of system then design, then implement, testing and then evolution. System design is one of the important phase of system development. For example; eBay is one of the very famous and useful online resource of shopping. If we look back in 2007, the website of eBay was not really advanced but now the technology has moved on so much so that they have improved the design and made it more user friendly. Now it is also a mobile friendly which means you can download eBay application to your mobile phone and can use it anytime anywhere. Isn’t this simply amazing?

EBAY APP                                                                                                                                     TC,. (2010)

How e-commerce application can be developed?

There is a short you tube video which is showing how you can make e-commerce mobile app.

Have you ever stopped to consider what makes an e-commerce website successful? Of course, there are many things but designing the right store is one of the most important thing. There are many low-cost third party shopping cart tools that you could install on your site. The most successful stores are designed especially for the products they have, and the customers. This involves thought about how to well systematize the products based upon what information a product’s page might need in order to help customers in their buy result (Butler, 2012).

Last but not the least, System design is really important phase in system development. While we you are design the system you need to make sure that it should meet the user requirements. The design should be user friendly and it should also be mobile friendly because now a days everyone use mobile phone and want to do lots of work on phone that is why it will be easier for users to use the applications on their phone.


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Recent Trends in IS

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Welcome to my 2nd Blog and thanks for reading. In my first blog I have talked about online shopping like how online shopping is beneficial for us as well as for companies. In this blog I am going to talk about the recent trends in Information System.

We live in 21st century where everyone is using information system & technology. Our world is full of information and to create, control, store, find and access the information we depend on Information systems. IS (Information System) is the set of computer based tools for collecting, storing and processing data in our world.

World 2



(Danielsville, 2016.)

Businesses and other organisations rely on information systems to carry out to manage their operations. There are many recent trends in information system but today I will talk about few of them. Please carry on reading and you will know about the recent trends in IS.

  • 3D printing

3D printer is taking over the world but how does it actually work? 3D printer is quite similar to the normal printer but a little different. You don’t print boring documents but real life models by adding special printing material like plastic, rubber and even metal layer by layer. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D printing technology already changing the way we produce the objects from tools to toys, clothing and even body parts such as ear, bones, skin and printing even small human being kidney that can live for 3 months. Dentists can also use 3D printer for printing tooth made of an antimicrobial plastic that kills the bacteria (Basulto, 2015). It is simply amazing.

Watch this video then you will see how 3D printer is changing the world.



  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the latest and greatest thing and being the latest and greatest thing marketers, businesses and lots of big companies are all using cloud computing terms in their marketing campaigns to make them seem impressive so that they can get clients, customers and can get money out of your pockets.

“In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive” (Griffith, 2013).  Amazon web service provide to complete set of cloud computing services access via the internet to help you to build and run those applications. AWS (Amazon web service) offers cloud drive which allows consumers to upload and access videos, documents and pictures from web connected devices.


(Wikipedia, 2016)


Last but not the least, these days where information system is very important and useful everyone want and need to use latest systems and technologies. 3D printer and cloud computing are also very useful specially now days because world is improving day by day and as we all want to get everything quick. 3D printer is a really good source of printing objects which also save time for example if the button of your coat broke you need to go to shop to get the new button to fix it but if you have 3D printer than you can easily print the same button which will save you time.

If you want to know more about Information system or want to ask anything feel free to contact me via email and my email address is given below.



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Online Shopping – Blog

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Let’s go for shopping!

I know everyone loves to do shopping especially girls and being a young girl I also like to do shopping. In this blog I will talk about online shopping like how people do online shopping from the companies and how it is beneficial for companies and for customers.

What do you think is online shopping better option or not?

Now days online shopping is very popular and is the easy and quick source of shopping. Online shopping is beneficial for customers as well as for companies and supermarkets.

Online shopping


There are many benefits of online shopping as well as few disadvantages. There are some advantages of online shopping.

EBay is one of the famous source of online shop. This is the very popular website which almost everyone visit for different purposes. This is the website from where you can get every type of things it could be clothes, shoes, electronics, home furniture, electronics etc. It is very beneficial and convenient for those people who are very busy and it is really hard from them to take some time out from their busy schedule for shopping so then, they can go to EBay to order things online which will save their time and they can shop online anytime whenever they get free time. EBay is very cheap website where you can get very cheap things in a good condition. This is the website where you can get the used things as well but in the good condition which looks like a new but they are way cheaper than the new things. When you order something from EBay you will be able to read the people reviews what they think about the products and you will also be able to see more information about the product so, before you order something you will be aware of that product is that good for you or not.

But the disadvantages of shopping from EBay is that they if you ordered something from overseas like from China, Hong Kong etc then it will take long time to deliver probably a month and then if you didn’t like the product or if there was a problem then it will be hard to return and it will also cost you the shipping.

You can also do online shopping for grocery from supermarkets so then you don’t have to go to the local markets for buying stuff. You can order things online for 1 week which will save your time as well as also avoid extra expenses like parking, fuel etc. For example Sainsbury’s is a very famous supermarket which is not very expenses and they have the access for online shopping. You can order whatever you want and they will deliver to your house. When you shop online from Sainsbury’s or any other supermarket you can easily compare products, offers and prices on different shops which is very easy but it is very hard to compare when you go to shops because it takes long time to get out of the car and go to other shops to see what they offer and on what prices (Ramirez, J. (2015)). But the disadvantage of online shopping from Sainsbury’s is that you will not be able to check the products physically and they might deliver you the product which is due to expire soon but if you shop in store then you get the product which has long expiry date.

According to my point of view I think online shopping is more convenient because we can shop online anytime when we get free time but to shop from stores we have to get ready and have to do shopping before the shop close and sometime we are not free at that time so that is why online shopping is way easier and quicker than shop from stores. Most of the time we also get cheaper things online because the labor warehouse cost is low, and because they want to keep their customers (eBay, (2008)).


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