Your Data

Week 4 – Your Data     The week 4 lecture focused on web ethics, digital footprint, digital identity, privacy. Sometimes I ask myself how safe is my data out there?  The websites we share our data with that always say our privacy and safety is their priority, is this really true? Because we hear Read more about Your Data[…]


INFORMATION SYSTEM – BLOG 1 As  part  of  my  learning  development,  I  didn’t  know  the  difference  between  information  system  and  information  technology  until  my  first  week  lecture  of  principles  of  system  development.  In  this  post   we  are  going  to  be  looking  at  information  system,  the   difference  between  information  system  (IS)  and  information technology  (IT),  and  Read more about INFORMATION SYSTEM – BLOG 1[…]

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