IS Information Technology really beneficial


What is information technology?

Well information technology involves many different things such as computers, storage, networking and other physical devices. This will all create a form of electronic data. This is beneficial in many different ways you could go on to do many things in the future such as chief information officer which will be the person responsible for IT and its system, The System administrator which will configure and manages troubleshoots and find a way to solve them. But Information system is more than just computers and networks it also includes physical hardware, servers and business phones. Information also includes the management of data. There are many different types of information systems for example nowadays the technology is growing so fast they have tablets and smart phones which will do the same thing as computers if not tablets and phones will do a lot more at a quicker speed.

How is information technology beneficial?


is key in information technology because it has instant messaging, emails and voice/video calls which will make it quicker and cheaper to communicate with other people or businesses around the world. People can use video calls or instant messages to communicate with people around the world for example their friends or family. Businesses can use this form of communication as well for example if a company from the UK needs to speak and see a company in china about a product instead of flying there and settling down there which will take a couple of days you can now use video call on your gadget which will allow you to show the product to the buyer and speak to them about it this will save the business a lot of time and money.


information systems are available 24/7 all over the globe. This is beneficial for businesses because they can be opened anytime and anywhere. Customers can purchase products from online businesses anytime and have them at your doorstep as fast as next day. This can be ordered from different countries and have them delivered to your door step within a couple of days.



So why choose Information Technology?


If you choose information technology as a career pathway you are most likely to find a job anywhere because nearly every company needs a team of savvy computer experts to keep their systems up and running.  Information technology is the fastest growing industry each day IT is growing, so they will demand a high skilled worker which will be able to suit their needs. As information technology is growing there will be plenty of jobs and the number of jobs will be increasing each year as IT is developing. So information technology will be the number one industry to study and work in.





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Learn Coding









In this blog I will be writing about how Coding has impacted businesses and how coding will benefit individuals.  I will also mention what HTML and CSS are and how they have a positive impact on business organisations.

Benefits of Coding

There are many different benefits if you learn coding the main ones are, when you have learnt coding you will be able to create your own website, not only will you be able to create it you will be able to maintain the website. This will save you tons of money instead of paying a technician to maintain the website you will be able to use your own knowledge and maintain the website. Another advantage of learning coding would be if you are starting a business you will be able to create your own software product and sell it yourself instead of giving your idea to someone who can code and paying them to create and code your product.

How did I find coding?

I have benefited from learning coding in college where I studied IT for 3 years and in my final year I was told was told to create a 5 paged website which I found difficult but after learning coding for a few weeks I started to understand the coding language and found it much easier to create a website and felt as if It would benefit me in the future when I study at a higher level.

Now studying coding in University of Salford as part of one of my modules I feel I have a better understanding on the coding language and how the coding works. But because it is at a higher standard I am still finding it quite difficult to understand some parts of coding. But I believe if I carry on learning coding and attending my seminars it will not only benefit me now but benefit me in the future.

What is HTML and how does it benefit business organisations?

HTML is a short term for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, every webpage you open or create will need a HTML file so basically it is a computer language which will then create webpages.  You can also edit HTML files. HTML are represented by tags and a browser will not display the HTML tags but use them to reduce the content of the page. This will benefit business organisations because it will be cost effective and you will be able to develop multi-platforms. Another benefit would be offline browsing this will be good because you can access apps without an internet connection.

What is CSS and how does it benefit business organisations?

CSS is a short term for Cascading Style Sheet this is a language which is made for designers who are designing a web page. When you have typed up your code in CSS it will be displayed on your webpage and it will allow you to edit the page for example edit the colour of the text, background and even pictures by typing the code in.