Skillocator “A Social Solution for locating Artisans – “We are the Uber for Artisans”

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Ever had that leaking tap that keeps dripping? Did your television or some important electrical appliance stop working? Ever had your car break down somewhere and you have no idea where the nearest mechanic workshop was? Yes, we face it too and we all face it on a regular basis. In Nigeria everyone (as an individual or a corporation) has at one point or another looked for an artisan to fix something; issues ranging from plumbing, carpentry, tailoring to electrical issues.

In turn, artisans have in time past struggled to gain customers, package their services and obtain a commensurate and guaranteed pay for services rendered hence, our platform is tweaked to ensure that struggle comes to an end. As a solution provider, we have made available with technology, a secured e-marketplace for both Artisans and their prospective Customers.

Need an artisan in Nigeria? Look no further. Our new App; skillocator will take the worries off you. We have developed an intelligent technology solution to bring artisans closer to you and an easy way for you to reach the nearest artisan across various categories from the comfort of your home.

Cool right?

Our team of innovators have passionately developed an easy to use platform that helps you quickly:

    • View and locate nearest artisan, determine their availability, area of expertise, profile and contact information.
    • Job completion rates and customer reviews of artisans to help in your choice.
    • Provide cheap Geo-targeted advertising for mobile artisans.

How to Access Skillocator

  • Visit or download and install on google play store or apple store.
  • The app automatically picks up your location and lets you see the proximity of all artisans on a map.
  • Filter through by using the search button e.g – type ‘capenter’, ‘welder’ or whichever you are looking for.
  • Choose to view on a map or as a list and access the contact detail.

Being an Artisan on our platform

Register in simple Steps:

  • Fill our application form which can be found on our website.
  • Get 2 guarantors  to stand in for you.
  • Get verified and agree to terms & conditions.

What you gain:

  • We help repackage your business to your customers
  • We help you reach a wider pool of customers with speed thereby, increasing your profit which in turn increases quality of living (targeted adverts).
  • We keep you up to date with tips to help you have a better quality of service.
  • Our Service is properly publicized so your only worry is how many customers can you satisfy?.

So get started! Your safety is our priority! We ensure all artisans are registered and verified. We have a support and  incidence response team who will be available 24/7. We would love to hear from you please give us feedback and help rate artisans used.

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