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Panicked with the current situation?


Pressure does not stay constant at every day. Fluctuation on pressure is very common. Every month there is always few days when overwork turns your life into bitter, every single second seems valuable on these days. Little assist of others can save thousand seconds of your life. Help of others can make your busy day a bit easier. To grab that please sign up on Share Work and have a shout whenever you are in need of help.

Solution for your every little problem!

Share Work can assist you by finding solution with the help of others. You will decide what kind of help you require and how you want that to be done. It will help you to communicate with the people easily. If anyone agrees to help you then your work will be done. But it would be better to use that on picking up stuffs like medicine laundry or anything, which has less value in terms of monetary value. With just a little amount of charge your work pressure will be distributed to others. Whenever you need something to pick up or collect, you just need to give your details of products and place and your collection point and time. People who are nearby the place of products will be automatically notified. Besides anyone who is using Share Work can check what you have requested. From now on there will be always someone to backup you on your tiring day.

Your every single effort would be counted!


You don’t need to have specific experience and skill to achieve something amazing. Your desire and time would be enough to help someone and make you rewarded. Sometime it wont even cost any effort to achieve that. Suppose you are in front of a pharmacy, someone from the place where you will be after 20 minutes requested to pickup some medicine from that pharmacy within. You just need to ensure the person through Share Work that you will do it and earn your achievement by not sacrificing any opportunity in your life. Your help will upgrade your reward level. The more you help the more you will be rewarded.

Solution to your frustrating free time!

Sometimes too much free time can bring boredom to your life. Share Work can turn your free into time productive one. Simple and easy chores can make you feel like a contributor.

To gather perception of people regarding share work, a focus group discussion has been done.
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There have been so many arguments. Though there has been so many positive review but still people were concerned about issue like safety. They even suggested including tracking. Share work will obviously ensure the safety. People to use share work have to actually give their full details. So that incase of any occurrence happen he/ she can be tracked down.

Share Work can be a solution to alleviate the poverty a little bit. In Big cities there are always some people who end up with getting no job. Starting something by own is not easy and not favorable for everyone. Moreover economic condition is getting worsened gradually. Huge unemployment is no more an individual problem; we all have to solve it jointly. Share Work aims to introduce a platform, which will inspire skilled people to stay busy with their work and leave the small chores for the others in exchange of small charge. At least the unskilled and unemployed people will be able to alleviate their frustration a little bit. It aims to address the poverty with the support of everyone. Please Join to the share work and support a novel cause

Wrapping the Journey of Advertising Career at Salford Uni.

Wrapping the Journey of Advertising Career at Salford Uni


“My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso” – Pablo Picasso-print-advertisement-by-felippe-motta.preview

I choose to be an advertiser. I had to wait too long to identity my true passion. May be sometimes people doesn’t choose the path, the path itself chooses the people. Now when  turn back into my past I see the connection between the dots. Deciding between options has always been tough to me. As long as I don’t choose everything seems possible. I had been neutral on my career choice for too long, kept searching. I had finished my bachelor but still couldn’t decide what to choose. I had done my internship with Banglaink, one of the leading cellular service providers in Bangladesh. After that experience I had realised that recognition and money aren’t enough to satisfy me. Then I had landed myself with a production house in Bangladesh, which was specialised in filming TV ad, to do something challenging. That was the most odd choice of my life. But it made me realised that I have a keen desire to innovative ideas and advertisement.I have a desire to end up with a world leading advertising agency. To minimize the gap between my skill and advertising agency requirement I have decided to do MSC in Digital marketing at Salford Uni. So far this is the only decision I have taken with cheerful and rational mind

Why Digital Marketing?

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we dont catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer

Understanding market digitally is no longer a choice it became a necessity to be in advertising industry. The rapid trend changes in the medium to share the content made me to believe that my one year masters with Salford Uni is a fundamental requirement for my upcoming journey. So far the experience in Salford University is reshaping my thinking towards the market and innovation. Day by day it’s helping me to upgrade my digital presence. I am going to dedicate my rest of the blog to describe the experience of upgrading digital presence and how it is advancing me towards my goal

Journey with Salford

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The more we expose the more people will know about our self. Digital platform is an unavoidable way to express. From the beginning of my journey in Salford Uni I have been pushed toward an environment which constantly changing my ability and helping me to be more expressive about my innovative idea and personal trait in a professional way. We have been constantly motivated by our instructor to update our personal profile and stay active on various social media. #passion4digital has been an outstanding community to pull my motivation towards twitter platform. I have started to redesign my profile on various social platforms, create my connection with my industry influencer on LinkedIn and following them on twitter



The university is located at the heart of the media city, which is the hub of so many creative organisation. Through the different kind of workshop it gave me the chance to observe the scenario of many innovative startup businesses. Moreover a classroom full of interactive people leads me to meet people from various background and culture. It opened my curiosity and eyes towards many directions. I have gathered a pile of knowledge and information. In fact it is the knowledge or wisdom, which leads advertising professional to come up with creative solution.

Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals. – David Ogilvy

There is no way to ignore research in advertising sector. Throughout my digital marketing courses I have to adopt so many research techniques. Social media analytics, SEO, SPSS and Google analytics are most prominent ones.

What’s Next?

“It’s never too late to do anything new when it comes to music. “-Sivamani

What now? Well its time to initiate my journey. I got my rhythm and direction. May be its just a matter of time to reach my goal. Just to finish I wanted to share a quote from the great American football coach Vince Lombardi195bbf60ce48c661e69616e1cf2a8700

“The Difference between a successful person and others in not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”