Market your Personal branding through SEO, while studying at Salford Uni – Beginner’s Level

Social media Marketing
Social media Marketing

I am Studying MSc in Marketing at University at Salford, Manchester. I am looking for internship in Social media marketing, personal branding, SEO and digital marketing to gain professional experience. This is my very first time publishing a Blog post which I never even thought of before. As a student, I knew how beginners struggle when starting blogging as I experienced it myself. But I actually enjoyed myself while I am writing this blog post and hope you will enjoy too.

Nowadays, personal branding concept is growing fast and everyone is keen about what is ‘personal branding’ and how it works and so on. My point of view is anyone can become a personal brander and promote yourself as a brand. I know this sounds little bit confusing, and you may wonder how you are going to promote yourself as a brand. Even I had the same question, before I started learning about SEO and then I realised how easy it is. And of course, as a beginners’ level person you may be wondering how this market personal branding through SEO benefits you. You may thinking ‘can I use it for my career development?’. Definitely, you can. Especially if you are an international student, like me, this will build more confidence because I know that it takes sometime to find a better job based on my personal experience as well.

Let me show you how to brand yourself using SEO as a beginner and how you can use it to find your dream job.

The first time I heard the word “SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)” from my Search and Social Service Marketing Module Tutors Dr Tahir, Dr Aleksej and Sophie at University of Salford. I had no idea what it is or how I am going to use it. At that time, I thought it is just a tool which we going to study for SSMM (search and Social Media Marketing). But once I started learning more about SEO believe me, you will understand, and once you are familiar with SEO, you will realise it is just not any tool. It is one of the powerful tools we can use in Social Media marketing.

What is Personal Branding?

Simply, it means making yourself known for what you want to be known for. In this case, you should consider yourself as a Brand. It is kind of an odd feeling, as we always misunderstand a brand is something relating to a product or a service. A definition of personal branding is the practises of people making themselves and their career as a brand.

Marketing your Personal branding trough SEO while studying at Salford Uni - Beginner's Level
Marketing Your Personal Branding trough SEO while studying Salford Uni? Beginner’s Level

Personal branding involves managing your reputation. Looks, style, attitude and skills set the same way a marketing team would promote their bags of ‘Walkers’ or bottle of ‘Lucozade’. Most of people shy away to making themselves the Poster-child for their own, because of the fear of retribution. For example, if you break a law or offend your work, then you are personally responsible. On the other hand, if you’re not confident of yourself or work you do, then you will face lot of trouble when branding yourself.

Creating personal websites and Social media network platforms is first step to building a personal branding. But you cannot grow your personal branding if you are not managing SEO. You can check this video about personal branding to get more information.

If you want to become a personal brander, today, right now, is the very best time to start your work becoming a personal brand. Maybe you already have the qualities of a personal brand (even if you are not aware about them) that you have been building up since you began your academic or professional life.  Read this article if you interested about personal brand evaluation here. Not only does managing a personal brand lead you to build up brand equity, which will give you star power. I wonder, is there anyone who does not want to be a star with power?

What is SEO?

Search is important when it is comes to personal branding, you can maximise your brand visibility within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). For example, let’s assume the brand is Nim Tennakoon (me) and when you enter it in Google, Yahoo or Bing, you can see SERPs. Through SEO we can maximise displaying your brand name in those SERPs. As my point of view, SEO is the link between your buyer persona and your brand.

So now you have a question, what is this SEO? Let me explain this to you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used for getting traffic from the free, natural, organic search results from the search engines. Simply it is mean, SEO is a process focused on growing visibility in Organic (Non-paid) Search Engine Results Pages. It is all about building a search engine-friendly web site. If you are so serious about building personal branding, but yet, you are not familiar with SEO, do not worry. I recommend you read this beginners guide here

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization

Search engine marketing management traditionally involves both Pay Per Click (PPC) and Organic search results. If you are interested in PPC or you want to make PPC pay off for your blog check this post.


If you are new to SEO and want to know more about it, I recommend you watch this video. It gives you a quick understanding about Search Engine Optimization.

How to use SEO to promote your personal branding?

All right, I hope you have an idea what personal branding and SEO is now. We will see how to use SEO to promote your Personal branding. This is actually creating a web site to promote your personal brand using Social media platforms.

First of all, do keyword research. This is important, because keyword can have an impact on your Personal brand visibility on SERPs. To do keyword research You can use Google AdWords planner, Google trend, SEMrush, and While researching keywords Make SMART objective.

Secondly, start on-page optimisation. This is including contents of a web page, For example, Title, Page name (URL), page descriptions and so on. So, content should be unique and relevant. And also make a list of profile links. On the other hand, content should be internally linkable.

Thirdly, off-page optimization. It is including link-building and social media. Off-page optimization is important because it is indicating how others perceive your personal branding (Your website). For example, you can write a Blog post which is relevant to your keywords and publish it in Social media platforms. When you share it in social media network channels, the likes, comments, and shares from others, increase the blogs ranking.

If your interested in writing a blog post and promote your personal brand online, you can read this blog post. It is simply gives you tips on how to write awesome and SEO friendly blog-posts. and also you can get some help from Yoast about SEO blogs.

When you promote your personal branding and engage more in social media networks, trying uploading new blogs, you will love what you do. And if you try, you can make it your dream job too. There are so many jobs in Social media, SEO and digital marketing fields. All you need is to be unique and show others who you really are.  And remember, when you market your personal branding (Yourself) while studying at University of Salford, when you graduate it will make you stand out from other students. That is what recruiters are looking for, a person who can be unique and creative with the right attitude.

Why Choose University of Salford?

University of Salford highly ranks among national and international students, because of the quality of teaching and learning modules. Friendly staff, Award winning business schools, and other qualities. I am grateful that am studying in University of Salford. MSc in Marketing course helps me to enhance my employability skills and knowledge about marketing. The best thing that happened in my life, is the moment I decided to choose a Postgraduate degree in Marketing.

Search and Social Media Marketing is my favourite module. It is really helping me to grow my personal brand through SEO. It encourages me to optimize my social media network channels. the reason why I am writing this blog post also, part of practical session of this module. Here is some feedback about Search and Social Media Marketing from former MSc in Marketing students.

As a student of Salford business school, I am enjoying all the benefits from the University of Salford. If you are looking for a job you can go to workshops  and improve you skills and attributes. And also you can check advantage  for latest updates about jobs. One of the main reasons why I chose the University of Salford and my postgraduate taught degree, is because of the Business Innovative Project.

You can get more details about placements and internships if you visit Employability hub at the lady hale building .

Even if you are not a student, but you want to learn more about Personal branding and SEO, I recommend Professional Digital and Media Training at MediaCityUK  by Salford professional development.

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Share your PDshoefie with us – Join PDgoesglobal

So, this is my second blogpost for my creative hive Platform. This time I am gonna publish something new and interesting. If you are a girl, and someone asked do you love shoes, what would you tell them? Probably you will say ‘yes I Love shoes’.  I am currently doing my Search and Social media marketing module for my MSc in marketing at Salford university, Manchester and for the second assignment we need to do a viral marketing campaign and it is a team project. You may be wondering what is this PDgoesglobal , PDshoefie? Let me give you the brief introduction about our team project.

What is PDgoesglobal and PDShoefie?

Our client is Public desire – a famous footwear brand doing business mainly online locally and globally. When we talked with our client and had a few brainstorm sessions with my team members, we decided to start our concept ‘share your shoefie, Globally’. Our concept name is ‘ Global desire’. According to our client preferences we created an original video for our concept with moving images. You can see our Original video here.

PDgoesglobal and PDshoefie is our keywords optimization for ranking higher in Google SERPs. So in order to do that we are planning a pilot campaign to spread the message. Our original plan was competition and due to limited time and preference of our client, we had to change that.

For now, we are focused on sharing more shoefies’ all around the world with Geo tagging. For the requirements of the client, we decided to go global and tag where the girls are from. for example, anyone can send us a selfie with shoes, tag where they from and tag our keywords PDgoesglobal and PDshoefie.

How we Plan to optimize PDgoesglobal and PDShoefie?

Our concept is sharing shoefies’ all around the world. For that we created a Facebook page. within 2 days we got nearly 100 posts reached and 88 post engagements with 60 followers. You can visit our FB page here.

other than that we created a YouTube video to attract new audience. since we are targeting the younger generation, especially girls aged between 18-28, we thought of promoting through YouTube is one of the ways to reach them.

and also we promote our concept trough Instagram, Public desire already got nearly 800,000 followers in Instagram. you can visit their Instagram account here. so we using Instagram as one of our Social media channel.

What is my part in our concept ?

I am doing project management, basically I am the Team leader. My ultimate goal is complete this project successfully with my team members. I am always trying to guide my team and equally balance the contribution towards the project.  We actually had a photoshoot for our original video making at Public desire warehouse, and this picture was taken from that day. these are my team members.

Share your Shoefie with us #PDgoesglobal #PDshoefie

So as a team leader, I allocated task for my colleagues, and everyone is working hard to make this happen. Teamwork is not easy. Because we are working with people who has different personalities and a different perception. But the aim is achieving our target as a team and promoting our concept mainly via Facebook and Optimizing keywords for ranking higher in Google SERPs.

 What are we asking from you?

We are asking you to send us your Selfie with shoes, tag your country and hashtag #PDshoefie #PDgoesglobal. That is it. Very simple and no rules. Therefore, anyone can send their crazy wild shoefie to us. All you need to do is share it on our FB Page. Check this video for more info.

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