My first post – I am learning!

My first post! Yay!

My reflect back on the first chapter the following points stood out for me:

  1. Digital Business Maturity Model – This made me realize how new digital marketing is for lots of companies and that there are for many companies still so many opportunities out there! Currently we all have a Facebook website, but to be Fully Digital or even ”The Future” will take some time, effort and knowledge… I am participating this online course as my knowledge is basic and would love to be able to bring companies to their next level within this model.
  2. Social Media Optimization – I am really interested in hearing best practices from different companies about how they optimize their social media and how they use their content to be relevant to their customers. How to use and track your social media engagement and ideally to see the results social media is bringing you.
  3. Using Content – This was said quite a few times during the first chapter. I would be really interested to know what they do for research, how they look at their competitors when using social media  and what they do to be creative.
  4. CreativeHive – This is the first website I have ever created and the way the everything is explained is perfect. Me with a quite basic knowledge is able to follow it perfectly and think this is a great learning curve!

Just another Creative Hive site

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