Digital Innovation – African Party App

My project consists of an application whereby people have direct access to different options available to organize their desired celebrations, in just one click. Being brought up by parents from different backgrounds and also being lucky enough to travel all around the world, I got a chance to see and discover different cultures and lifestyles. I decided to dedicate my project to the organisation of events. Particularly oriented in a specific target market, which is the African community. The African community is extended with a lot of different cultures. I have had the chance to attend various events and celebrations such has weddings, birthdays, communions and etc.

My innovative idea consists of creating a website whereby events can be planned and formulated directly from a computer by adding various elements from the event you want to plan to your basket. Which is very different to other planning and events websites available in the market right now. I have made research through a variety of sources including digital media, event and wedding magazines and also past experiences surrounding that area – I have analysed the needs and wants of the african culture and through that analysis, I made a way to satisfy the customers more efficiently and effectively than other competitors. Which basically offer similar products but not in an innovative way we do e.g. being able to choose a pack from their computer or app in one click. When others offer the possibility to organise your event through one to one communication – which takes time and more money.

Along with the website – we created an app which can be accessed through the Apple Store and Android. It gives individuals the simplicity and control of being able to plan their events just fingertips away, which is great for those with busy lifestyles or the younger the generation.

The whole concept of the African Parties Ready in a Click is that it mirrors the act of shopping in everyday life, for example, adding all the ingredients to your basket  in a supermarket in order to cook a meal as your outcome. In both the app and website all the potential services that are needed when planning a party can be chosen to include into the cart before finalizing the order.

For example, in the Nigerian community, people tend to organize their parties personally after renting a hall for the occasion. They look for people individually who will cook for the event and a lot of the times food will have to be provided to the cooker alongside money. Moreover, a person for decorations will have to be contacted as well as entertainment, music and cleaning services.

However, African Party websites will facilitate the act of planning your event without stress as all the different elements are combined in one place. Therefore it will not be necessary to contact different people to get your desired event planned. It also better for the customer financially, as having all the services planned together work out cheaper than hiring individually from different contractors. You will be able to satisfy all your events’ needs from a single app. In the long run you save time and money using our service.

How easy is the app?

Download the app through Android or Apple Store, browse through the app, choose the venue and check availability for your desire date and time, and add services to your cart. Finally, ‘checkout’ and relax for your party day!

Inside the App you have the different services available, all products and the price for each product and service.

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