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Recent Studies have found that the average child are using mobile devices for up to 9 hours a day. Worse, many parents are not aware of what content their children are accessing, Assist My Child is the new application to keep track of your child antics online with one of the Best Mobile Tracking App.

The application comes with several features which parents can utilise to control what their children are doing on their mobile devices. Within todays climate as parents in this era, we are wary of how and what our children accessing online. Well if you’re in the same position as me then you need Assist My Child, you may assume that the problem is the children but its not. It’s the vast amount of content that they can access from their mobile device.

Well the team at Assist My Child are always working hard to provide the best service for both of you. The level of commitment from the team s evident in8=the service on offer ensuring that all the functionalities are working and ensuring that there are no bugs or problems within the app. If any user has any problems, then they can be reported through the feedback or contact page on the website.

Assist My Child is suitable for mobile phones as well as tables. It contains the same features on all devices and all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). So no matter what devices the parent and the child have – it works the same way regardless to smartphone brand. Despite this, this parental control software has a number of other features, which make it stand out of similar mobile applications. Don’t believe it? Carry on reading!

We understand the importance of caring for our children and our services are exemplary examples of this, therefore why not contact us and receive a personalised packet stating what AssistMyChild can offer, simply provide your personal details i.e. email and first name and current problem. The fantastic team at Assist My Child will be in touch with you as soon as possible so go to

Best Mobile Tracking App

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