How eZ Accounting Solutions can save your time and money: A Pathway to growth for SMEs

If we talk to any business owner, they all will tell you that there is only two things matter in life, firstly how much they spend and how often people buy from them. To run a successful business you need real time information about your business to take right decision at right time. If time is money then automation can save time and let you focus on other strategic actions which drive business forward.

Challenges faced by SMEs

In order to expand, SMEs pay close attention to the basic of accountancy such as bookkeeping, cash flow management, invoicing etc. Therefore they need a comprehensive accounting system which can successfully identify the problems while also enabling them to apply solutions to resolve this without breaking the bank.

Research has shown, SMEs are prefer to use in house accountancy software but 59% are not happy with their existing ones and 60% wants to keep control of their accounts in house instead of using Accountancy agents or external accountants. To achieve their desire goal, they need software which can be MTD (making tax digital) friendly, provide automation to save time, cost effective, easy to update, maintained and supported.

We’re here to support you

eZ accounting solutions want to help you be successful. We know that your software choices have a direct bearing on your practices or business’s efficiency and profitably. There are following key elements of our product:

  1. Invoicing
    You can easily create quotes and turn into invoices and send them from your tablet, phone or desktop. Subsequently you can receive invoices from sellers and eZ software will update the ledgers and accounts accordingly to give you accurate figures of the business.

2. Moving to Mobile
You are no longer need to be in office to put the all information on the system, run the report etc, with eZ accountancy solution, data entered by employees is immediately accessible via cloud anywhere of the world.

3. Complete Integration
We provide full integration with other software for example, Xero, Quickbooks, Tax filer, Freeagent, Sage etc. We believe you shouldn’t be restricted for choice and provide easy exportation of data. We also accommodate any CSV imports from all bookkeeping softwares in market.

4. Built in OCR Technology
If you are tired of entering receipts, then OCR (optical character recognition) technology would be your new best friend. Our product will be built in with OCR technology which will turn image into readable and editable text and will assign the data to the relevant sub account ledger which will minimise the risk of error during the data input.

5. GDPR Compliance
We are fully compliance with GDPR to ensure that you are fully complying with secure document processing criteria.

6. eZ App
You are away from office, or on the move, scared of losing receipts? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, through eZ app you can use your mobile to scan all the petrol, travel receipts, bills etc and with OCR technology all the data will be allocated accordingly and you can access reports immediately.

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Do you really want to save?

Well, don’t look anywhere else, eZ acc. Solution will provides you with:

 Free Maintenance and updates
 Automation
 OCR Technology
 User friendly App
 Scalability
 Better Data management
 Easy implementation
 24/7 Access
 Affordable payment plans
 E-signing solution
 Making Tax Digital Compliance
 30 day free evaluation
 Bank connections
 Payroll

You know, what you got to do next?

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