Real world business problems and innovative digital solutions

Hey there guys. Well, I am required to help fix and solve a real world business problem for an organisation by creating a digital innovative solution.

My chosen company

The particular company I chose was Sakht Kooshan Ajand (UK) Ltd. This is a small organisation. They are a food import and export company who sell various different Greek, Spanish and Iranian food products to wholesalers, supermarkets and shops around Manchester and other cities within the UK.

I currently work for this company as a sales representative on a part time basis and realised they have a business problem which needs addressing.

Business problem

Business problems

As a sales representative my job is to go around shops and supermarkets to sell our wide range of products to our customers. At times i have taken orders of our customers without knowing exactly how much is left in stock for a certain product. Therefore, at times we have ended up not being able to supply our customer with certain amounts of products as we had simply ran out of stock for that particular item they required. Sometimes, i didn’t know if the item our customer wanted was available in stock. I didn’t know what item was sold out and what the exact amount is in stock for our most popular product. Not being able to stock control also hindered our regular ordering process with our suppliers.

This is quite unprofessional for a business. As there is a wide range of different products at the business premises I as a sales rep need to know exactly how much of each item is left in our stock instead of guessing and providing our customer with an estimate amount of our stock item.

Innovative digital solution to the real world business problem


My innovative solution to this major problem is to produce a new stock management application called ‘StockTake.



In order to find the best solution and help solve this business problem background research was undertaken. Surveys and interviews were carried out about this new future system and how businesses currently operate with regards to the stock taking of their products.

The data I potentially gathered was that:

  • 75% of the staff at our organisation who had undertaken the survey said that such a system could be really beneficial for both our business and other companies in the industry who deal with a wide range of products.
  • 100% of interviewees had problems with stock taking and control within their business and said that such a system is needed. It was clear to me that these problems could be prevented with this hugely beneficial stock management system.

Once this innovative and creative solution is implemented I believe that this will potentially deliver many benefits for not only Sakht Kooshan Ajand’s business but for many other organisations out there as well.

This is now the end. I hoped you liked my blog. Stay in touch for many more of my future blog posts.

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