How my time at the University of Salford helps me develop skills required for becoming a better automotive marketing specialist

Hi readers, bloggers and everyone else

I’m Mohammed Khalid Youssef and I’ll be narrating my personal my experiences at Salford with you about:

  • Online social media
  • How my time at University of Salford helps me develop skills required for a marketer in automobile industry.
  • Impact of being an international student at the University.

Hopefully you’ll find something I say useful, insightful or at the very least you can laugh at my expense…

This blog itself is actually part of my course, if you’re looking to do any kind of marketing at Salford, it’s very likely you’ll have to do this too. I’m making myself into a “brand” so I can become more employable in the right domain of work. I’m all about the employment (having money sounds quite nice) but having to subject my friends to links that they could care less about is less thrilling.

It feels good to tell you many things which you will have to face before reaching your goal but still, I managed myself to remain committed to become a marketer. I will have to start by getting some skills with social marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. My part time job as a marketing intern is exactly what I need to practice. Expanding my knowledge it social sites and in marketing in the long run would be also a serious advantage.

Mohamed Khalid Youssef