Conversion Strategies

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my third blog post. In my last two blog posts I discussed the Virtual Revolution and also who actually owns the internet. This weeks blog will focus on discussing the pros and cons of numerous strategies which are used for system conversion. Conversion is the process of switching from something … [Read more…]

About Me

My name is Mishaal Hussain and I am presently studying Business Information Technology at Salford University. I have studied information technology in both college and at high school; I have developed a profound interest in this field over the past few years. Through studying ICT, I have gained familiarity on how to opt for and apply appropriate computer based tools and techniques to help carry out projects, capture data, and resolve problems as well as present information. I acquire satisfaction in being confronted with a quandary to … [Read more…]

My blog post week 1: Virtual revolution

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my first blog. From recently watching the video titled “The Virtual Revolution“, I was able to find out that the internet and the World Wide Web are two separate things. The World Wide Web is actually a component of the internet; it is a place where someone is able to interact and communicate using … [Read more…]