Smart Car Park Finder

Smart parking finder introduced smart phone application for managing parking process. Setting up of an account in this app, public can easily drop their car off and in addition, to keep track about costing on mobile phones. As opined by Bruns and Weller (2016), during time of getting car back, people can feel for garage up towards one hour ahead regarding time and henceforth, attendant can easily able to retrieve it. The app of smart parking helped the system to identify and recognise car to be retrieved, which is parked in garage within an hour. This start up app has been creating its business by performing and using policy of pay with phone in stress parking. As explained by Campbell and Howie (2016), in this process regarding setting up, services have been provided in various small cities.

In modern era every person has their personal car. In office time or in weekend they use their personal car for travel, which need to be parked somewhere in the city. This app is connected with GPS tracker to find a place to park the car wherever and whenever the user is present. It is very. In crowded city it is really difficult to find any right place to park. As Mollick (2014) sated that this app will help user to find parking place within few seconds. When user will put his/her location in the app via map the app will find possible nearby location for parking in the middle of the city. Airport is very restricted area where the parking anywhere is prohibited. By using this app in international airports drivers can find proper place to park the car without wasting times.. This app will save time, reduce traffic, increase safety, provide road direction, enhance experience and help drivers to find the road with less load of traffic. This app will even tell the drivers the charges of the parking places. Depending on charges and distance the user can choose any one place in between much other choice provided by the tracker in the app. According to Briscoe (2014)by simply downloading one app people can freely enjoy its service life time. Eventually, the free and user-friendly service will make the new city parking finder app popular. Even after the premium member can upgrade their app for extra upgraded features.

Smart Car Park Finder Awareness

The newly launched parking app will reduce pollution in the city; make the congestion lees in the office time. As this app will help user to find parking place via phone so this will decrease traffic and confusion. As Ross (2016) stated, the main strengths of this new app are cost effectiveness, reliability, saving of valuable time in fast running life, user friendly and new to market with so many updated features.

Smart Car Park Finder Interest

 The main interest of audience will be time reduction. Easily they can get the nearest place to park with less parking charge. Even the booking facility with the immediate confirmation by recording the car numbers in the system of the company is the best attraction of user because this will maintain the safety. As stated by Zheng et al. (2014) another attractive feature is, without investing a penny physically via online payment user can both book the parking and can enjoy the road map. The navigation set via map direction or via voice is another interesting feature. Total pictorial description of the chosen parking area, mapping and tracking are the attractive feature of the new app. This app will provide accurate data using GPS tracker, as for the safety measurements. When the prime user will update the app for further upgraded version then they can watch the weather forecast of city, this will be more attractive character of the new parking app.

Smart Car Park Finder Desires

Car parking app will save time and find the best spot available nearby. When cars will find place to park properly then the traffic will reduce. Smart parking solution using just a mobile will increase the interest of people to use it. According to Komninos (2013) this app will help driver to find location and route map via GPS tracker. Smart parking solution will store the data about user and the cars in the system which will increase the safety measure. Even parking lot association can decrease the management cost which wills in turn reduce the parking charge up to considerable percentages. As Vargo (2015) stated that without another problem with parking meter user can book parking place via mobile app, which will reduce the time and irritation of finding parking meter.

Smart Car Park Finder Action

As Ross (2016) stated use of security web camera and GPS tracker in parking place will improve the safety measure, the regular update will help the owner of the car to know the current situation.  Collaboration with GPS operated app will help the brand to be more perfect in information technologies, increase the reliability. Both Android and IOS user can download the app and can enjoy the free service (, 2018). Consumer’s trust is the main thing for the company to increase business in future. Collaboration with different perking association like Mall parking association, Office parking lots will help the company to provide better service to the users.

Below is a simple video advert showing how the smart City Car park Works.