8th May 2016


The vision behind the company is to establish a software solution that enables public and private service providers of heat, water and electricity to utilize data collected by meter systems to optimize their businesses.

Monitoring capabilities are the foundation for product control,optimization and autonomy (Heppelmann, 2014)

Our territory is Denmark, our potential customers are the distributors of heat water and electricity; all we need is data

The principles of smart metering have been around for quite some time, and billions of Euros have been invested in metering, collecting of data and accounting systems. But real smart optimization of networks of power, district heating and drinking water has not been successful so far, since data up to now only has been used for less intelligent system as for example billing systems and servicing of meters.

With our data collection and illustrations we will enable the providers of heat, water and electricity to use the data to monitor the installation but especially to save energy. Leakages will be discovered, cheaters will be caught, but most important we will by optimizing, save energy and reduce emissions.



The challenges are – the amount of data to be handled (Big Data), the knowledge of what to do with the data, and the combination of using the data with existing systems for optimization of networks.
facts on central heating

The company has started out with optimization of district heating networks in Denmark, and is targeting as a start 4 costumers. Further MeterWare is taking steps into a development project (RTO return temperature optimization) supported by EUDP (Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram), which has granted support to the project of 2.3 Mill. DKK.


of the monitoring will be an expected energy saving of the worst installations – worst installations defined as installations with leakages, bad insulation or outdated radiators.
optimizing target return temp


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