Bored of the same old meals?

An estimated one in four people are only able to cook three recipes in the U.K. are we losing our skills as a nation to prepare meals preferring to buy pre-prepared food and order takeaways?

In the age of convenience the art of cooking has been simplified and commodified at its various stages having significant impact on consumers. Pre-peeled and chopped vegetables, cook-in sauces through to ready made meals have resulted in the loss of knowledge, skills and confidence of consumers. Additionally, pre-prepared vegetables double or triple the price in comparison to peeling and chopping vegetables, impacting consumers pockets. The has also been an impact on consumers health from the added preservatives, salts and sugars! And there is the environmental impact resulting from the additional packaging, not only its production but it is often non-recyleable.

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The nation’s cooking skills seem to be in decline and restaurants, supermarkets and takeaways are benefitting from our lack of culinary expertise. This is where ChefsEye comes in..

What is ChefsEye?

ChefsEye is a brand new subscription app for smartphones, designed to simplify every step of the cooking process. It uses augmented reality, voice guides and a chat bot to help create your desired meal. It is called ChefsEye because it is like having a professional chef watch and teach you cooking whenever you want to cook. You start off by choosing a recipe to make, each item can be selected using the AR feature and it will show clear lines to cut to achieve perfect sizes, teaching techniques such as slicing, dicing and Julienne.

The AR feature will also guide when you move onto the cooking process, such as once when ingredients are in the pan showing you how to whisk and when to flip steaks for example, achieving the desired cooking level which is selected by you at the start of the process or suggesting ‘our’ own perfect serve level. The use of AR in cooking is something fresh and new that will excite and interest you, making the daunting task of cooking into a fun process.

The chatbot feature will provide a quick response to any problems you may have, able to help with the most common mistakes quickly and efficiently. 

What makes ChefsEye different to other cooking apps?

There are many other cooking apps in the market, most are simple recipe based apps which simply list a plethora of recipes for you to cook, which assumes that you already have a basic knowledge of cooking. A handful of the most progressive apps have video tutorials and shopping list features with some that are very specific to certain dietary requirements.

There are no apps that cater specifically to new and novice cooks, with the most basic of guides and instructions to build confidence from simple cooking techniques. You will receive in app badges when a recipe is completed successfully, you will feel real gratification from cooking a delicious meal and will build up a repertoire of dishes. Giving badges in app will help you engage with cooking and repeatedly use the app.

Learning to cook not the only benefit!

ChefsEye is ideal to help reduce the amount of money you spend on food, whether you are currently stuck with ready meals or needing to rely on takeaways. Preparing your own meals is the cheapest way to eat, with many of our recipes costing less than £2 per portion.

All of the recipes on ChefsEye have been carefully selected to help maintain a balanced and healthy diet, by using fresh ingredients and healthy cooking techniques. The meals have are much healthier compared to standard ready meals, with reductions in fat, salt, sugar and carbohydrates.

The environmental impact of ChefsEye is minimal compared to the excess packaging of takeaways and modern services such as Gousto and HelloFresh where each ingredient is packaged individually in plastic.