Artificially Intelligent GPS

In nowadays, most of the people spend a significant amount of time driving. They drive to work, they drive to pick up their children from school or for a long trip.  Most of them have a GPS system in their cars but barely use it.  In contrast with all the current GPS systems that are available to the public, CarBuddy stands out as something more advanced and innovating.

The typical GPS systems are mainly used to just provide navigation/simple directions based on the data the driver types in and even guiding the driver to his desire destination, they do not provide any more useful features, other than showing the current location.  The more advanced GPS systems that are available now except from navigating have more advanced features to offer like indicating traffic or suggest alternative routes that are shorter for their destination.

Having seen that all those previously mentioned systems do not have that extra something to offer, the idea of CarBuddy came in my mind.


What is CarBuddy ?

An Artificially Intelligent GPS system that is designed to learn and improve a driver’s life by keeping track of his habits and favourite places to visit, and scheduling his daily route program. Alongside that CarBuddy can be proven to be the best co-passenger to a driver due to the fact that its artificial intelligence will be able to interact with him (e.g. having everyday conversations, suggesting new places to visit based on the driver’s habits) and give the feeling like an actual human being is there.

After storing information about a driver’s most visited places (e.g. home, friend’s houses, and workplace) CarBuddy will be able to provide the desire destination more efficiently, by checking for heavy traffic, closed roads or nearby accident that might cause delays and affect the user’s schedule.  Although, some of the current GPS systems can offer some similar features CarBuddy will be the first system that won’t require the user to type anything but instead will provide all the crucial information by its self and using audio/commands features.

In a very likely scenario, someone going to work on Monday, his CarBuddy will decide that the most likely destination will be his workplace and hence he will have his daily drives prescheduled ready by CarBuddy. If he usually stops by a coffee shop to get a drink before work, CarBuddy will remember it. If one day the driver skips the coffee shop by mistake or he is in a different area CarBuddy will be there to point it out for him by redirecting him or finding the nearest coffee shop for his morning coffee. Or, if it’s a Saturday morning, CarBuddy decides that the driver is most likely to visit his friend’s house.


To get a better and more insightful idea of what CarBuddy is and how it works take a look at the following video:


So it all comes to you, the current and future driver:

Do you want a typical vehicle or a car that is able to make decisions for you?

If yes the CarBuddy is the first and most essential buy you should make.