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The popular MOOC taught me lots, discover my takings from the in-depth course about digital media marketing.

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  • Buyer Persona

    What Is A Buyer Persona
    A buyer persona gives a generalised overview of the type of person that interacts with the business, purchases your services, or needs your services. This persona is often given a name so that a company can […]

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  • Planning For Revolver: Digital Business Maturity Theory

    Welcome back to my blog series that follows me on my internship with Revolver Records. After a brief overview of the project in the last post, this post will focus on my effort to plan for the placement, as well […]

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  • Revolver Records Placement: Introduction

    Revolver Records Placement
    As part of my MSc Management degree with the University Of Salford, I have undertaken a 3 month internship project, at Revolver Records, in place of a traditional dissertation (The project still comes with a 10,000 word […]

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  • Keyword: What are they and how to use them

    What is a Keyword?
    A keyword will be a word that is incredibly relevant to a landing page on your site, or your site in general. They are recognised by search engines as a way to match what people search for, […]

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  • Direct Emails: The Best Digital Marketing Tool?

    Social Media Marketing Tools
    Direct Emails are just one of so many different techniques available for Digital marketing; it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. This post is going to cut through the bullshit, and give you […]

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  • Passion4Digital – Chapter 1

    Passion4Digital Chapter 1: What I Have Learnt
    There are a number of things I have learnt during the first chapter of the Passion4Digital MOOC. And here are the top 5:

    A Digital Brand can be used to create Digital Equity.

    Digital equity is the […]

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