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The web is a powerful tool that  is frequently  used by many businesses to operate. Amazon is one of them, they rely purely on their website to operate, therefore its important protection for their website is crucial . Website security has improved over the last few years so it’s harder for websites to get hacked but it still happens for example TalkTalk’s website was hacked  which led to thousands of customer’s losing personal information such as phone number,names and addresses.  Thanks to this breach in security some TalkTalk customers have been receiving emails and phone calls from scammers claiming to be from TalkTalk . TalkTalk made a statement saying that they are no sure whether customer’s bank details have been stolen and has advised customers to keep an eye out on any suspicious transactions and should contact their bank immediately if any occur. This breach in security has severely affected  TalkTalk in terms of customer’s opinion of the company, if customer’s don’t feel that their  personal information is being protected by a company they will probably leave and take their business elsewhere .In 1998 Lincoln D Stein published a book called web security and in this book he stated that  ” Web security is different things to different people. For some people  it’s the ability to browse the web in peace,knowing that no one is looking over their shoulders. For others it’s the ability to conduct the financial and commercial activities safely”

The reason hackers go after companies like TalkTalk is because they have access to a huge storage of data and within this data are customer’s personal information which allows hackers to have a large  pool of potential victims to scams .With access to personal  information like names, phone numbers, addresses and post codes , hackers have enough information to run some elaborate scams that  can con people thousands of pounds without the person even knowing .Hackers usually target companies who’s website they believe will have weak security and make it easier for them to get into , Website security is always improving as companies know that is crucial for them to protect their website from any threats , as website security improves so does the software that is designed to get into these websites. Not all hackers target a company for finical reasons some do it for political or social reasons for example Blackberry’s Website was hacked because they were thinking of aiding police after the riots in London , the hackers who were responsible for the hack stated to  blackberry “You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all”


Website Security is important for modern businesses because without sufficient website security a company may find their website constantly being targeted by hackers which could have a serious impact on the company’s future especially if the company  is a online business such as amazon or ebay who rely purely on their website for their business .




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History of the internet – ARPANET

09-02_arpanetmap1977ARPANET was the beginning of what we call the internet. The ARPANET was created in 1969 by the ARPA (Advanced research projects agency)  its main purpose was to allow scientific users to communicate and share information from different institutions. The concept for the ARPANET was published in 1967 and in 1969 became reality through  interconnection  of 4  university computers. The ARPANET used a new idea of sending information  in small units called packets that could be routed on  different paths and constructed when they reach their destination .

With the development of TCP/IP protocols in the 1970s made it possible to expand the network.  In early 1970 experimenting began to take place with the ARPANET  , 19 other computers were  hooked up into the ARPANET network by 1972 a total of 23 computers were in the ARPANET network  even though there were 23 computers the line speed was limited to 50 kbps .1972 was a banner year for the internet  because of the creation of the killer app that not only increased spread of use of the ARPANET but also  helped to continue the growth of the ARPANET for the following years , the real application that changed forever and something that is still used today was email.


The email was created in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson who at the time was working for BBN corporation created the foundation for sending and receiving messages over the ARPANET network  even though email was vey  crude at the time it helped to make the ARPANET more popular as it  allowed for social interaction, and as time progressed more innovation made it so making emails was more user friendly.

At the time of the ARPANET there were only 23 computers connected but now a days there are millions of computers all over the world able to communicate to each other. The main disadvantage with the ARPANET was the protocol it was using NCP ( Network Control Protocol) which only allowed specific types of computers which limited the amount of computers which could gain access to the ARPANET.


ARPANET also allowed for its user to transfer files over the network thanks to its protocol FTP (file transfer protocol) using FTP allowed users to upload , download, rename and delete files on a server. In 1983 MILNET was created and was split away from ARPANET , MILNET was used by US DOD (department of defence) to transfer unclassified material , in the 1980’s MILNET was expanded to and gradually became the defence data network.

By 1992 the ARPANET ceased to exist and the iterenet had over 1 million hosts ,but its legacy  lives on as the internet is still growing and more innovations are possible with today’s modern technology there is unlimited possibilities in regards to how the internet may progress . The ARPANET had limited capibilties due to technology such as the computers, in modern times computers can handle a lot more data than its predecessors , modern computers are used for a variety of purposes for example, entertainment, such as video games,streaming tv shows and downloading music  the internet allows users to access these applications in a matter of minutes.  The internet used to be isolated to a couple of dozen of  computers where now there are millions all over the world . Berners-Lee 1999 , Tim Berners lee stated that   ” There is no central computer controlling the web , no single network on which these protocols worked ,not even an organization anywhere than runs the web. The web is not a physical thing that existed in a certain place , it is a place where information exists.”



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