Passionate of sports - Work in this sector will fulfill one of my aspiration.

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For sure playing sports is a fantastic way to improve your life-style and health. There is nothing better than a good session of your chest or back. Through sport you will have a better understanding of you body and meet people who share the same interest than you. From my childhood to my Postgraduate Degree, Sport has always been part of my life and will always be. Moreover, Sports Marketing is a sector where people can work for a company which share the same interset than them. By studying in Salford University, many opportunity will be presented to me and I will have a chance to pursue my career in Sports Marketing.

Sport Marketing in digital Marketing World

Having a strong interest in Sports ? Let work together and do things that other people aren't willing to do.

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Everyone has a story to tell and this is mine

Hello !!! From Paris to Manchester, I had a chance to travel and study abroad. A Digital marketing postgraduate student who currently studying at Salford University just want to share my experience with others to help them plan their journey if wanting to study abroad. The aim of this website is to provide information which will help you to have a better understanding upon “ Study abroad ” but also to promote my personal brand as I want to work with sports company. I will provide several advices and steps which can be use to facilitate your experience guys. Moreover, I have linked my Instagram which allows you to contact me by message or comments if you need more information about the different step if you want to study abroad (Manchester) or just want to have a trip. I will try to explain everything as well as possible with my knowledge and experience. Always remember that a dream wrote down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality. Sports Marketing is the industry where can I pursuit my career, I have a strong interest in Football, Basketball (Lebron best player ever), Boxing (Mohamed Ali said Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee)


Want to learn about SEO, Digital marketing, content marketing, google analytics, advertising, KPI or social media platform. Want to be creative and work for a Sports Marketing company

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This is how I play this game by doing a postgraduate degree in digital marketing at Salford University in order to enhance my skills, knowledge and promote my personal brand.

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Passionate of Sports Marketing and Digital Marketing

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