Business Information Technology: My project on UniGo!

The Project aim and objectives

To create a mobile application for students focused on enhancing their experience at University.  The mobile application will be named ‘UniGo!’ and the logo was created in Adobe Photoshop.

UniGo logo final

Research was conducted through surveys and interviews with the target audience (students at The University of Salford) and an analysis of similar applications currently on the market. The result was the creation of a user persona and designs based on feedback for the application


The pages consist of:

  1. Login Page: Simple layout to make it easy for the user to access.
  2. Homepage: Contains menu with links to all pages.
  3. My Account Page: Allows users to control their settings and to log out.
  4. My Schedule Page: Personal timetable for each individual student. Option to add a task.
  5. My Contacts Page: Provides contact details for the individual user based on the credentials of the student.
  6. Events Page: Show cases all events, discounts and offers available via the application.



Working for ParkSmart

What is ParkSmart?

ParkSmart is a mobile application created by Jupiter Car Parks, providing car parking services to companies and their users of their car parks. The application has some generic features, although each application is created specifically for each business based on what features they want to include, allowing personalization for all of our partners.

Our team

Working at ParkSmart HQ involves being involved in a small team of highly skilled individuals with the aim of making amazing products for our customers. Managing the design, layout and unique qualities for each company we work with is all part of the process. We work well together to produce a great final product for every partner we work with, and their customers.


Customizing each production of the application to the specific company’s needs is required to ensure the end product is exactly what the user wants. We do this through workshops with partners, allowing them to pick features to their needs and choose exactly what they want.


Regular meetings amongst developers is a weekly task, to ensure everyone is on track with deadlines, and that everyone is on the same page. Meetings are highly important for colleagues to work together and understand the points which we are all at, ensuring we are all consistently working towards the same end product.

Jupiter Car Parks are currently working along side The University of Salford to develop an easy to use car park booking app. This will provide an efficient experience for the car park users which include students, tutors and visitors attending open days and events. We provide the option for users to book car parking spaces online through our interactive mobile application, ParkSmart.

If you would like to find out more about Park Smart, please visit their website which is below.

About Us


Real world problems and innovative digital solutions

For a recent assignment, I was required to fix a real world business problem by creating a digital solution. I decided to use my job; a Medical Records Clerk for the NHS to contribute to this project. Using an out of date system on a day to day basis in work allowed my business solution to be an easy choice. I decided to create a new iPad based system for the department I work in to store all records of room bookings, mainly for clinics throughout each day. The current system was based on a whiteboard and was used by manually writing with a whiteboard pen onto the board. This caused many issues, such as over bookings, incorrect times and dates, and general issues with manual systems. The fact the system was causing so many issues effected other areas of work; over booking meant finding spare rooms for clients which would take time. This in turn prevented other work areas to be completed. As spoken about in my assignment, staff complained about the system during an interview with myself. One said the system was ‘outdated’ and ’causes too many problems’. With researching around User experience, I was able to create a design for a new system which could be put in place in the future. I created an Infographic to explain how I went about fixing this business problem:


Infographic created at