Mii House | eCommerce Homepage

For the eCommerce module we designed and developed a mobile application that helped people remember the simple daily tasks that are easy to forget in everyday life.

The artefact was created via Creative Hive and the content management system used was WordPress. The page I optimised with SEO was the homepage of the digital artefact we created.

The task I was set was to design and optimise the homepage of the Mii House website which is the homepage of the artefact.  To find the primary keyword for our mobile application the group used Google ad words which allowed me to find out what keyword was needed in order to optimise the page.

To help me add SEO to the page I was designing we downloaded the WordPress plug-in YEOST SEO which displayed “traffic lights” which told you certain elements of the website that had to be changed in order to increase the SEO on the website.

As well as using primary keywords, I used google ad words again to find some secondary keywords which are repeated across the page.

The homepage has pictures which link up to FaceBook and Twitter, doing this achieves off site optimisation and overall increases the web presence of our mobile application.