iOS Parental Control App

Best iOS Parental Control App    

by Sophia Glasby – 24th April 2016

There are nearly four million mobile apps in existence offering users many different lifestyle opportunities. Many are gaming apps, others assist users improve their fitness, whilst some (such as Assist My Child) are parental control apps assisting parents to monitor their child’s activities whilst using mobile devices. This app claims to be ‘the best iOS parental control app’, and the best app for children’. It certainly lives up to these statements as it has so many features!!

Best iOS parental control app - Childen interacting together with Mobile phone

It is aimed at parents or guardians with children between the ages of five and eleven.

There are two price plans, a basic and a premium and obviously more features are available within the premium app.

The apps unique selling point is that there are two interfaces, one for parent devices and the other for child devices. The premium package contains more features than the basic package and is also intended for multiple parent and multiple child devices. This app also caters for families with more than one child, so each child has access to the app via their own interface.

best iOS prental control app - Little girl holding mobile phone

Other features in this app include a GPS tracker, enabling parents to locate their children and their lost phones and a dashboard on which parents can view a report containing statistical data of their children’s mobile activities.

This app also promotes education for children by recommending other apps which enhance a child’s learning capacity. The promoted apps are ones which are tailored to the National Curriculum and will coincide with what children will be learning at school. All in-app purchase must have parental authorisation prior to downloading. Parents are then able to view via their dashboard, their children’s usage of these educational apps.

Assist My Child also has a website where more detailed product information can be found.