Iyece – Who are we and what we do!

Yelling at your favorite football player? That he’s slow? Unskilled? And you are better? 

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is! Introducing Iyece, the Interactive Cinema Experience, the Iyece combines virtual reality software you already know with real-time 3D mapping from live football games around the world to allow you to be inside the action! We have seen the trend in which entertainment industry is heading. Want for interactivity between the consumer and the media they are watching; people want to be more involved this is evident with the massive sales in the Sony VR and other virtual reality devices.

How did this come about?

We have seen a gap in the market and looked into the statistics regarding percentages of fans who watch the match at the stadium and who watch the game at home. Reports are getting results between 70-83% enjoy the game at home for the reason such as price, comfort or can’t get to the ground; this also doesn’t include overseas fans.

In the market research done by the company, from the current 26 participants, 72% said they could see the benefit of watching sports in VR for people who couldn’t attend the match live, 80% saying they either would or could understand the attraction of watching football in real time VR.


We have already seen an interest in VR in sports but mainly spectating as a static camera 360 degrees camera, as done here in England v Netherlands last year,

FOX Sports Eredivisie is collaborating with VR sports tech company Beyond Sports and Dutch telecom provider KPN launching a free app which allows you to watch highlights of matches through the eyes of the players using VR, we want to refine and take this to the next level.

Watch Highlights From Player POV With FOX Sports Eredivisie’s VR App

We have seen the popularity VR has had in the gaming industry taking spectating from a static watching the screen experience to an immersive viewing experience that Valve has implemented into DoTA 2,

What is the next step?

We have worked together with the biggest leagues around the world. Premier League, La Liga The Champions League, The UEFA League, EFL and The World Cup and Euros to be able to bring you this exciting way to watch and also interact with football, and that’s just the start.


How is it done? We have taken the technology used in NFL “Yellow line” from SportVision and applied it to the football pitch! But we’ve done a little bit of upgrading thanks to drones! This gives a 3D dimension and a birds-eye view of the stadium allowing more precise tracking for you! Check this video out for the basics!

With you wearing the rift alongside the drones and sensors it makes for a seem less experience for you in the first person, and Football is only the start

Can you out run Rooney? Think you can last a full game marking your favorite striker? Iyece allows you all of this from the comfort of your own home! So we can save you the embarrassment! (Lucky for you).

What are you waiting for?

That’s how we map and allow you to be in the game. Now how do you run? Well, we have you covered on that as well don’t worry. Inside or outside you decide, you can either use four sensors in any space you have available. But If you want to have the most realistic experience possible, then you are looking for the “Virtuix Omni Platform” a 360-degree treadmill allowing you to run in all directions. Can’t afford one? Pop down to your nearest Iyece hub and rent a gaming setup for as long as you like!

So what are you waiting for? BT and Sky Sports will be releasing the VR channels on their respective networks, all you need is a VR headset and you are ready to go. Forget about watching sport in the past and come to the future with Iyece!