How Salford Business School prepared me for a career in Investment Banking

Salford Business School is becoming a second home for myself. I performed my undergraduate here in Business Management three years ago and now I have returned to the Postgraduate area to gain an MBA qualification. During that time, I was working in Investment Banking as a Commodities Trading Analyst at one of the world’s top Banks.

It was always my ambition to work within Investment banking, so Salford Business School has already proven that they can help me achieve my personal goals. Currently being an MBA candidate I am getting a broad understanding of all different areas as business. The great thing about this course is that it puts you into areas that you are not too familiar with to improve overall skills. For example, I see myself as more of a finance man but on this course I am currently doing a module called Social Media Marketing. I have never done a module like this before and it is great. Like most other courses the content goes back many years ago but with this, everything is fresh and evolving all the time. I also see this module as the future of marketing as eventually the old forms of everything being on paper will eventually die out. SSM has also opened my eyes to how I can apply it to myself, the importance of Twitter and LinkedIn having on your career.

Eventually after my course I would like to return to Banking in a more senior position, but the great thing with Salford Business School is that they have many connections with the industries and also many guest speakers so my career choice in the future could be swayed by this. I am enjoying this course so much I may eventually continue looking into the Digital marketing field.