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Previously I spoke about the information technology in my second blog, In this blog I will be talking about System design.
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The systems design approach first appeared right before World War II, when engineers were trying to solve complex control and communications problems. They needed to be able to standardize their work into a formal discipline with proper methods, especially for new fields like information theory, operations research and computer science in general. (Anon 2015)
It is an process which explains components of a system. Systems design overlaps with systems analysis, systems engineering and systems architecture, however I’m not going to go into too much information about them and mostly focus on system design in this blog.
The reason for a system design is so that the Organisation is able to have a proper method to their work. They are created in order to meet the needs of users, they solve existing problems that could potentially arise.
‘The whole process of system development, from blueprint to the actual product, involves considering all the relevant factors and taking the required specifications and creating a useful system based on strong technical, analytical and development skills of the professionals’. (Siddiqui 2015)
The system designing phase comes after the system analysis phase is completed, information that is a resulted from the analysis phase is then in putted in the designing phase. This phase is important as for every company a system needs to be created in order for the company to run in a proper order, professionally and formally.
A organisation would obviously have a salary system in place right, so in order to design this system it’s important to have information such as the attendance, leave details and deductions in putted, this helps the organization to understand what data is available and fulfils the need of the user. The data that is in putted is needs to flow systematically.
Furthermore system design is there to analyse and improve in the support of users and the overall function of the business. Good planning is required when installing a system as it can go horribly wrong. It involves working with users of information systems and supports them with technology in an organisation. During the planning of a system the users are required to be involved throughout as only then a successful computerized information system is developed.
(, 2016)
The physical design Shows how and in what order the data is processed in the system and how it is verified.
below show in what process the data is required to put in the system design.
‘Input requirement, Output requirements, Storage requirements, Processing requirements, System control and backup or recovery.
Put another way, the physical portion of systems design can generally be broken down into three sub-tasks:
User Interface Design mainly focuses on how users input information in the system and how information presents information back to them.
Data Design focuses on how the data is stored within the system.
Process Design focuses on how the data moves throughout the system.
At the end of the systems design phase, documentation describing the three sub-tasks is produced and made available for use in the next phase’. Anon 2016
(, 2016)
System design is important for a business and needs to be user friendly. It gives an order and solves any current or upcoming problems. The system gives a proper method and makes things a lot less difficult for the organisation.
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Privacy for online companies is important, as sensitive information can be stored on different website, for example shopping companies online ask customers if they would like to store their bank account details and require the full address of the customer.

Larger companies such as EBay have many different sellers so people sell thousands of products through them, they have a Pay pal set up which allows customers to believe like we are purchasing securely, I say we because quite frankly I feel safe myself purchasing through pay pal.  Smaller sellers tend to go through companies such as EBay to sell their products which protects the company and customer from heaps of problems because EBay has its own privacy policy set up.

Pay pal isn’t just for EBay however. Once you store your information onto Pay pal, you  can use it for any website that allows you to purchase through Pay Pal.  when you sign up to a Pay Pal account on one occasion you input your card details which be stored and you never have to disclose your card details  again this information is deemed as private which makes it difficult for online hackers downloading the companies data. But even with all the advantages however it can still be hacked but it would be tough.

you can also use Pay Pal to send payments which is cheaper and faster than western union. I personally have the online app with my Iphone which I can use to access my account by putting my password in and see what items I purchased, if there is any unusual activity on my account I could contact Pay Pal for further investigation.  Pay Pal is also cost free ‘PayPal get all the powerful advantages associated with the service and do not have to pay one dime’ Anonymous 2015

We are concerned when it comes to inputting our details online but do so anyway? Facebook, other companies and the government, when applying for a new web service we assume that the data is only given to the company you apply for or through, which is not the case. “ revealed that government agencies like the DEA and even the IRS regularly collect, store, and request information from companies like Facebook and Twitter“. Rainey 2012

The government uses the information they collect on social media to hunt and catch criminals “Those organizations all map social graphs to see how people of interest relate to each other, and subsequently investigate their friends, followers, and others in their networks,” Rainey 2012.

The government doesn’t need to justify as to why they want this information, it’s given to them on request.

We share a lot of information online whether that may be through social media or through us purchasing products and giving out our address. Other companies do also share our details with companies that are linked though them also i.e if they become partners with a different organisation.

The important thing to remember when sharing private information to be aware of what transaction your about to make.


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Online shopping

Hello there, let’s talk about shopping, something we all love…


Many companies now have this system where customers can purchase their weekly shopping online. Over the years, online shopping has increased, before consumers where concerned of the security risks involved with shopping online however now more of them are prepared to buy on the web, because it’s so simple.


There are more advantages with shopping online as consumers can shop a lot more easier if they find it difficult going to the stores either if they have a disability or are unable to do their weekly shopping in stores they have this form of shopping which are available to consumers easily and at their fingertips. Also not to forget, you can save fuel, time, energy or if your too ashamed to buy the product in store.


Ccompanies have upped their game by having faster delivery, easier return policies, and many sites offering free shipping have also increased the attractiveness of online buying, I know I personally love to shop in the comfort of my own home, avoiding cold British weather.


When shopping online and if I’m looking for a specific product all I have to do is basically type the product name in and hundreds of the types of products show up and I can chose anyone¸ where as if I was to go in store what would happen there is I would go in looking for one product and walk out with 10/15 other products that I had no intention of buying… always happens.


‘Online retail sales are predicted to reach £52.25bn in the UK this year, a 16.2% increase on 2014 when the total stood at £44.97bn.’ Moth 2015


Consumers will spend £1174 online, which will make us the most frequent online shoppers in Europe.



‘The data shows that ecommerce is driving the growth in consumer spending across Europe. In-store sales are predicted to drop by 1.4% in 2015, but an 18.4% increase in online sales means that total retail revenues will increase by an average of 2%.’ Moth 2015

The growth is more likely to increase as smart phones make it much easier to shop online, by downloading the most well-known apps such as eBay and amazon, or even supermarkets that are available online Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc and the retailers are now investing more in the digital operations by advertising online, through popular apps (twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc).

The types of Disadvantages of online shopping could be in returning the product, if not satisfied or product is damage it would have to be return which could be an issue for the customer. However some stores are working around this and allow the product that’s purchased online, to be returned into store if there is a problem with the product. As mentioned above consumers didn’t want to input their card details online with the fear of someone being able to access their money or becoming a victim of fraud. With most companies you can now pay through pay pal which is a service that allows you to pay online using money in your PayPal account, your bank account, or with a credit card. PayPal offers some nice benefits, but using it is no guarantee that you won’t become a victim of fraud as with any paying service.

‘While technology is wonderfully scalable, online is increasingly starting to cause real challenges for retailers’ core business in the areas where people & process are involved. Many aren’t yet doing full end-to-end journey mapping or P&L analysis, so may not be  realising the extent to which the overall journey is starting to creak, and be costly’ Tarragano 2015

The internet is the easiest way to get recognised and also the fastest way through social media, its affective starting an online business as it will keep expanding. EBay is an online shopping service, which provides products from all around the world, I could start up an online business of selling a certain type of product that I either made at home or even things around the house that are of value but I don’t use. Products that cannot be purchased in stores in the UK can be purchased online through eBay, some products that may be unobtainable in the UK completely and can be purchased from China for example or Hong Kong and can be found for a cheaper price with equal product quality. The disadvantage of this could be that the product may not be up to scratch if purchased overseas then this will result in returning the product but what I find, particularly with smaller products that if I was to make a purchases from overseas and the product was broken for instance I know that when it came to returning the product the Postage and packaging would cost more than the actual product so there is no point in returning.

Tesco offers a click and collect service. Where you can save time by purchasing the product online and then later collecting either in store or having it delivered to your home, just by paying a little extra. Why not! This personally I feel would be fantastic for my mum who is unable to shop for long periods of time, or if you don’t drive or if you cannot really be bothered to stand in long queues. Obviously you have to consider that you will not be able to have a see or feel of the product, which if the product doesn’t work then you will have to go through the whole process of returning the product. Personally I like to get a good look at a product especially if I’m paying a lot of money for it or if it’s something like shoes which needs to be tried and tested in my opinion and also when it comes to groceries I’ll probably prefer to pop into store (if I’m not feeling lazy that is).