About us


Who we are….

Your Health’ is a non-for profit organisation. We basically advise and provide useful information for the general public to eat well, drink well and take upon regular frequent exercises. We want to help people keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle at all times for their own benefit.

Our aim is….

To encourage people from around the world to change their day to day normal habits to a healthier well balanced lifestyle.

We want to….

  • Decrease the rates of obesity and those people who are overweight
  • Improve human health
  • Educate people further that there health is vitally important
  • Encourage people to eat well and keep a well balanced life style at all times
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Teach people what food/drinks are good for you and what food/drinks are bad for you
  • Educate people on why smoking and drinking alcohol is bad for there health
  • Provide valuable and important guidance for all people of our generation
  • Provide dieting information, weekly exercise routines etc.
  • Change your lifestyle for good
  • Show why healthy eating and exercise are important and how you and your body can earn the benefits of it in the long term