Disable In-App Purchases Future Developements

Future Developments 
Disable In-App Purchases

Disable In-App Purchases

We are hoping to add a new feature for Assist My Child. Disable In-App Purchases is something that the team is working on.

Assist My Child is a parental control app which provides kids mode features with educational app elements. By helping parents to control & monitor their child. This aim of this Blog is to inform the future development of Assist My Child. This blog will talk about the new features that the team will add in the near future.

One of the main feature the team will like to develop is to add is a Disable In-App Purchases  which parents can be aware what their child are trying to download and which a notification will be sent to the parents device. What do you think?

This feature intends to help parents to Disable In-App Purchases on their child mobile device by protecting their children from purchasing products as this can happen unknowingly – therefore a password will be needed to purchase apps which only the parent/guardian will have the authority and also notifications will be sent straight to the parents app where they can gain better control. This will help to safeguard the child and ensuring money isn’t being wasted and on any inappropriate apps.

Best Parental Control Software

Assist My Child are aiming to bring out the best parental control software  for parents’ be enabling users to gain its full potential by providing software for that they are able to use the application with ease and able to view the app through the website by allowing parents to have better accessibility.

This will allow parents to have better way of see what the child is doing and also helping them to access the app in different ways. This is important to provide the best service to the parents to view from the dashboard of the application

The Team

Assist My Child are working towards being one of the best educational apps for kids and the best parental control software. The team are working to provide better features for our audience to gain the full potential and experience from the app. As the purpose of this is to aim to reduce the usage of mobile devices being used by young children and giving parents the power to monitor and control their children’s device.

Contact Us

The Assist My Child team will appreciate and be more than happy to hear about your feedback about any future recommendations. Assist My Child key focus is to provide the best experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to see in the app. Please contact the team of Assist My Child that are more than willing to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. The link below is where you will be able to contact us and to see more about Assist My Child.  You can also see and like us on Facebook and Twitter.


Thank you on the behalf of Assist My Child team!

A&E Wait Watcher

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Have you ever felt bombarded with negative thoughts when it comes to visiting the hospital?

Time consuming, stressful, and frustrating– many of us have been there.  In fact, NHS hospitals are failing to meet their targets to treat each patient within FOUR hours.

There is a huge demand to help Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments tackle waiting time pressures. Going to the hospital and being told there was no urgent need to come or spend hours in the queue is not appealing.

Therefore the NHS is in need of a strategy whereby patients are able to view and check the waiting times within their local hospitals.  It can be difficult to contact the hospital to ask for the waiting time as the line can be engaged. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to check the waiting time in a particular hospital? Or maybe to choose whenever you want to go according to your local hospitals shorter waiting times?

For the long term, the NHS will need to have a solution where patients can see the estimated time and how long it will before they are seen by the nurse/doctor.  We live in an advanced age so why not implement digital innovation? 76 % of adults within the UK own a smartphone with over 50% using it for everyday activities

Areas within the UK have planned or have created this concept but plans failed due to cutbacks. However, Hull Daily Mail (2012), health officials are planning to create a mobile application for patients providing information about waiting times in designated areas. This has failed due to the cost of producing the application and the NHS trustees not agreeing with its viability due to funding issues. However it has been argued that it would be free to download and patients are able to provide feedback and comments which help improve services.  

Interestingly some Trusts provide a responsive website however these do not show A&E waiting times in real time.


Here’s a Solution

A responsive website which provides real time data for A&E departments which would be more beneficial for improving the efficiency of customer service and will be a more cost effective solution for the NHS. This solution would allow the use of a user interactive system showing estimated waiting times for A&E departments within your chosen area. Additionally, it will help departments to balance the amount of patients between local A&E points to be less crowded.

Creating a responsive website rather than creative native mobile application is more cost effective for the NHS to develop and will provide a service where patients are able to view and check the estimated waiting times to see the and provide additional information on alternative services and health advice.

The responsive website would be an effective solution to reduce telephone traffic and allow elderly patients, who might not know how to use a device, call hospitals quicker. Alternatively, it would be a great platform for interaction and updated in real-time to notify patients if doctors are running late, allowing patients to interact with other patients who are using the applications and provide an accurate forecast of the estimated time to be seen; because time is valuable and patients don’ t want to wait.

The A&E Wait Watcher website will enable users to see how long waiting times are in A&E hospitals within their region. The website will provide wait times information updated frequently as well as offering a call button option for speedy access to A&E lines. The website will be user friendly by taking into account all users needs and requirements such as the use of simplistic colours, font and text and quick links for call facilities and connecting websites.

Below shows  the storyboard which displays  the design of each page of the  responsive website.