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Cheap healthy meals?  You’re hungry and you need food quick. What is the easiest option? When the world is filled with mouth watering burgers, hot and spicy curries and cheesy pizzas at a phone call away, isn’t the easy option obvious? And if it isn’t obvious, it’s definitely the
cheapest option. However, a MacDonald’s burger does not make for an interesting Instagram picture. In today’s society, it has become fashionable to be healthy. People are constantly striving to achieve their ‘ideal’ self. How do I do that? It’s simple. Eat healthily.

When we hear the word healthy, the connotations are usually negative. We think: Tasteless, extortionate prices and unsatisfying to our hunger levels. Yet, we don’t think about the benefits, of which are endless. It’s time that you take control of your eating habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle that is both cheap and tasty.


Why not make it your mission to try one of these tasty delights:


  • Granola with cherries and berries. Give yourself a kick start to the day the right way with a fruity feast mixed in with crunchy goodness.

Here is the link:


  • Better-for-you roasts. Everyone loves a good, hearty Sunday roast, but in this day an age, where health matters more than ever, why not give your body the same scrumptious dinner, but with less of the calories.

Here is the link:


  • Chocolate and berry mousse pots. This is the right way to treat yourself with both a chocolate indulgence and a fruity kick. Go on, you know you want to.
  • Here is the link:

    Above are prime examples of how being healthy is easy and more importantly, cheap. Ingredients such as the ones mentioned in the recipes above are not expensive and the only cost is your time creating these meals. So, get to your local supermarket and make a positive change in your life.

Fantastic Beauty


Have you ever been annoyed with businesses which do not have any type of digital presence?
Well we here at Fantastic Beauty have considered this issue as we are not fully being recognized from a digital perspective.

Let’s identify the problem then 
We believe we have identified the problem within our existing business model.

Following from the primary research indicates from the focus group these are three key findings of what would help the business from a digital perspective.

Firstly, accessibility is one of the factors which potential clients could research products and services that are available out of business hours.

Secondly, brand building is another factor the business is lacking as more consumers are not aware of the brand as they are not being able to access to their products or services that are being offered and in which they are not being able to be fully recognised by their consumers.

Thirdly, they are not able to reach out to their customers as they are not targeting customers’ needs to those who prefer shopping online. Therefore if the business takes the opportunity to build a web presence this will indefinitely aide in expanding the business and aide in developing customer appreciation for their products.

From the Focus group feedback an anonymous user stated “having an online presence is more important and easier way for them to shop which they would prefer and shows the company is professional and established”.

The image below is a visual artifact of our focus group findings:

Infographic11 (1)


Now let’s see what the advantages of an online solution would be
Online shopping has become very popular method for consumers to buy from an online shop as it’s proven to be more convenient.  Ecommerce solutions reduce the required time for a customer to do their shopping as opposed to going into their local store. Therefore, customers avoid the long queues and shop from the comfort of their homes.

Have you noticed that digital technology has developed greatly over the past 5 years– tablets, smartphones and internet services, have provided people with more accessibility to internet, all the time. In that respect they can shop, browse and enjoy at their own comfort.

Research has shown that, within the UK alone an increase in internet sales will reach up to 9.6% GDP as ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace. Consumers are now confident with shopping online more than they are shopping from retailers. It also been stated that on average sales in the UK will spend around £1,174 per consumer online in 2015.

Here is an example of a real life company that had failed due to having retail stores only and not focusing on investing in digital technology which was moving forward with the times. BBC reported “Woolworths is the most high-profile UK High Street casualty of the economic downturn and ran into trouble this year after struggling under the weight of its debt.” This is a prime example where business should view and learn from the mistakes in order for businesses to be investing on moving forward.

Here’s a digital solution
The solution for Fantastic Beauty is to create a responsive website where their customers are given the ability to shop at their own comfort. This will enable them to choose either method of shopping via online or from the retailer which will benefit all customers as this will show that the company does look at meeting the needs of their customers. As the business focuses on meeting all of their customer needs in which this will provide the business with a valuable reputation.

A website is being chosen because it will benefit all customers as they will be able to access the website via their smartphones as well as on the desktop. It will be mobile friendly therefore providing ease for their customers when browsing via smartphone or desktop. The interface of the website will consider all of the factors when making a digital product such as the user experience, user interface and engaging meaningful content will be taken into when planning the website.


The website will have various pages for different purposes:


Firstly, the home page will contain the brands images that they supply along with best sellers and promotions


Secondly, clients can go straight to page if they are looking for a particular brand.

other pages

Thirdly, the other pages would be different categories of hair and beauty products.