Digital Innovation: Stoma Care Gets A Smart Makeover

The Rise & Rise of Smart Technology

Have you ever stopped to think just how much the digital world is transforming our lives? Love it or loathe it, technology is not only changing the way we communicate and socialise, but is completely altering the way we book holidays, listen to music, watch television and even how we monitor our fitness levels.

With the Internet of Things technology increasingly creeping into our homes, offices and cities, the modern world is most definitely embracing the digital revolution.

One area where digital technology seems to be lacking, is in relation to our needs, in terms of stoma products and services. If you’re anything like me, post-surgery you will have tried out several appliances, with the help of your stoma nurse and then chosen the best of a bad bunch.

Let’s be honest, stoma pouches were not designed to be sexy! Furthermore, post-surgery not only do you have a million questions running through your mind, like will people be able to see it? Will it stop me partying, swimming, dating? (The list goes on and on)….you also have this new ‘little friend’ on your abdomen to take care of! It is a challenging and scary time.

The Stigma of the Stoma

With a negative stigma often attached to stoma appliances, mostly due to leakage and visibility,  many patients give little thought to the range of products available on the market. Who cares so long as it does then trick, right? We are lucky in the UK in the fact that we don’t have to pay for our appliances, unlike our American cousins. If any of you have visited the United States, you may have seen the very surreal advertisements for stoma products on the TV. I had to do a double-take when I first saw one! Maybe cost is the reason we tend not to shop around, as we are not physically handing over our hard earned cash, in return for our medical products.

Putting costs aside, hands up how many of you have suffered leakage, due to a poorly fitted appliance? I’ve definitely had my fair share of ‘accidents’ I can tell you!  Due to many of us having a scarred and uneven abdomen post-op, the adhesive back plate on the pouch can struggle to create a tight seal, resulting in embarrassing and frustrating situations. Maybe because leakage is part of the stigma and expectation of living with a stoma, we often persevere and just deal with the problems as they arise.

Finally a Smart Solution……

What if you could use your smart phone to prevent stoma leakage problems? How cool would that be? No, I have’t gone completely bonkers! During this digital revolution where emerging 3D digital technology is being used in the medical world to produce body parts, such as ears and noses, it seems logical to utilise this tech to produce customised appliances which fit your stoma perfectly. No more embarrassment, no more skin problems, no more sleepless nights. Hurrah!

One company has identified this gap in the stoma appliance market and developed the brand Stoma Smart. By simply downloading an app to your smart phone, you can take 3D photographs of your stoma, upload it to your confidential profile, which Stoma Smart use to produce customised appliances via 3D printing technology.

Check out their promotional video by clicking the link below…….


Stoma Smart Promo

Promotional Video for Digital Innovation Animated Video created using Animaker – https://www.animaker.com

Posted by Gutsy on Friday, 25 August 2017



How great does this sound! I for one, am very excited to start using the app. So spread the word warriors, our pouch prayers have finally been answered! Thank you digital revolution and thank you Stoma Smart.