One more step towards my career in “Marketing”

You need to take a bold step to make it great in life and to be the best you need to learn from the best. This is what I aim at, to be the best. I feel privileged to have been bestowed with this opportunity to study MSc. Marketing at Salford Business School, Manchester. The resources available in their postgraduate Digital marketing program are ideal for taking my career to the next level.

In today’s complex and challenging environment, every organisation has its own set of processes. These process are bespoke to environment in which the organisation is functioning. To be a marketer, I need to be equipped with the right set of techniques and intellectual ability, which would lead me to a paramount point and build a strong position for me.

Marketing: How it all started!!

I was initially attracted to the field of Marketing because, I find it to be a very dynamic and creativity-based field. In addition, marketing is a fast-growing discipline, encompassing a wide area of activities within the community.

One more step towards my career in "Brand Marketing"

Salford Business School goes against the odds, lectures conducted very flexibly gives us more free time; While other business schools have intransigent lecture times. In lectures, we examined several case studies and devised specific solutions for problems. Through these courses, I grew familiar with the basic theories and applications of digital marketing.

In addition to the lectures, I had assignments. It helped me to test my capability to complete my work in a particular time frame. While, working in group, enhanced my skill of working as a part of a team. I learned latest marketing and branding techniques, while expanding my horizons and developing it broader with more international outlook.

As per my knowledge marketing  needs great communication skills and greater command over the English language; where better to acquire this knowledge than from the institution located in the country who gifted the world this language. I look forward to interacting with many other students of different nationalities and diverse backgrounds, which will provide me with a deeper understanding of different cultures and mind-sets.

That’s what Salford is

Overall, I feel that these attributes of Salford master’s program will help me to increase my overall effectiveness in the business world, and give me a unique advantage in my future career. Studying in such an environment, I believe, will put me on the path to success. Specifically, the prestigious master’s program offered by Salford Business School providing me the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and access to resources that I will need to advance my knowledge.

That’s what Salford business school has been all about preparing me before I enter the Corporate world.