A New Mobile App for your Car?

Hey Guys!

As we all know, shopping can be really stressful. But what’s worse is forgetting where you parked your car or whether or not you locked it.

Confused about Car

A survey completed by Confused.com revealed that 56% of UK drivers have, at some point, forgotten where they have parked their car, and 3% have picked up the phone to ask their breakdown service to help them find it. Are you one of the 56% or 3% that needed help?

Not to worry though, as we bring you the latest technology through the brand new app MyCar. MyCar gives you the opportunity to locate, lock, pay for parking and control your car from the tip of your fingers, which will make life simply that little bit easier for you.

Car AppLocation

To locate your vehicle, it is quite straightforward; all you need to do is pinpoint your location and tap the mark location button so it records where your car exactly is.  When you are ready to track down your car, all you need to do is open the app, and tap the directions to car button and it will direct you there.  GPS and Bluetooth is the key to enabling the app to do all the work for you.

Car LocationHeat

Isn’t it annoying when you have to get in a cold car? Well not anymore;

The MyCar app allows you to warm your car as you are getting ready to leave.  All you need to do is tap the ‘preheat’ button. This isn’t the only exciting news, with the app you are now able to defreeze the windscreen so you don’t have to stay in a misty, cold car. Just tap the defreeze button to see the magic happen. In order for this to work, you must be connected to heated- Bluetooth. Once you are connected then it is bye-bye to the awful chilly days.

Car HeatingLock your doors

Now we can all be forgetful at times, especially when it comes to locking our cars. With the help of latest technology, the MyCar app enables you to lock your car with a touch of a button.  But first things first, we must connect to the car GPS so all of your car details are recorded. Once connected, you are all good to go. It doesn’t have to be one vehicle connected, it can be multiple.

Car SecuritySecurity

This app is aimed at all drivers, whether them being students, parents or anyone who drives. The MyCar app has a secure firewall which protects any data provided through the app. Another key feature in this app is for them little ones when they access your phone. It gives you the chance to set up your own unique password to prevent them from unlocking your car or overheating it.

Car SecurityPay for Parking

Would it not be easier if we could pay for parking through our phone? Without having to waste time with ticket machines? You can now do this via the MyCar app. This app allows you to pay for parking through your phone. All you have to do, is tap the parking button and enter the location code and pay for it. Pay for parking in three simple steps.

car parking

Please have a quick look at the video below. Yes, by quick i mean it literally takes less than a minute 🙂

Now that we all have the latest technology,  it is time to make our lives a bit easier by downloading MyCar, available on Apple and Android.


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