How my time at Salford Business school, prepares me for a career in Events planner freelance

Am currently studying MSc Marketing. I have a Degree in in Hospitality Management. I have always had a passion for Hospitality industry. My MSc course have a search and social media marketing module, this module has taught me a lot of skills, and build my confidence in my career path, as a an Event planner freelancer, have learnt that getting involved on different social media platforms, that are suitable for your business will help you to find customers as well as keeping them.

The Digital Marketing is very interesting and challenging. The module is practical based and represent the realities of todays world and helping you to stay competitive on the market and developing new ideas. I will carry on the research area in digital marketing and keep on  trying new models and techniques that digital marketing has to offer, in developing my own business in Events Planner Freelance.

Here is what we do.

We cater for all Events,Weddings,Engagements,Birthdays parties and baby showers. We only use fresh organic produce and we do different types of cakes that includes gluten

Corporate Events

We save you sometime and deliver conferences, business events, charity events, Christmas parties, of high quality. We are all about making your corporate event memorable.