Into Events Manager

Before applying at the university as an undergraduate, I was unsure of my career choices but I was certain about business and I loved travelling. I applied for International Business at the University of Salford. I was scared about the Uni experience and how everyone has made it sound very miserable.

University taught me to be very organised and use my time properly and effectively. Through learning various modules such as Globalisation, Cross-Culture Communication, human resource management, marketing, Finance, Project management, Strategic management and etc.

These modules increased my understanding of the business world although not practically. I was able to understand problems that could occur in a business environment when practices are not followed or the business lacks structure or leadership.

One main module that really helped me understand the employment world was professional development, which entails having to attend a mock interview, updating my cv to professional standards, as well as understanding basic requirement by businesses and how I can use the knowledge I have as an advantage. I had to create a Linkedin account and update it to be reviewed, this was one of my assignment as well as my curriculum vitae.

Another module which helped me understand the employment world a lot more was Recruitment and selection. During this module, I was taught about the recruitment process from advertising a job advert to becoming an employee of the firm.

Although this process might seem very simple, it is however very difficult, simply because the company needs to conduct interviews in searching for the appropriate candidate for the role. This means going with the criteria that have been outlined, selecting the right candidate as well as eliminating any biased opinion about each candidate.

After completing my undergraduate degree, With hard consideration and deep thinking with intense evaluation, I decided that I will work towards one of my many career paths as an Event Manager, which gave me the inspiration to apply for a masters course for International Events Management which I have really enjoyed learning about.

Managing events either in the home country or Host country requires a lot of hard work, including many skills sets as well as being able to recruit the best people in their fields. Social media is one of many platforms used by event managers to promote their products/service.

It is used to search for clients with upcoming events that may need the service from experts. The advantage of social media is that Event organisers can use social chains to showcase their work to potential clients.

As an Event manager, producing reports would be one of my main tasks, while at the University, I learnt about platforms which would help my career in the future. Google Analytics is a platform used to understand customers. It outlines data collected, along with insights to help improve service offered by the business. Google Analytics also allows you to share insights and data with other colleagues to show the success of an event and ways that the event could be improved for clients.

Another tool with advantages to event managers is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This allows the event manager/organiser to be searched and appear on the first page of a search engine through the use of multiple keywords that would attract potential clients.

These skills and tools are used by current leading event businesses. By utilising these platforms, event companies can increase brand awareness and for me to succeed in such environment, I would also need to be familiar with these tools as it would help my personal brand as an aspiring Event manager/organiser.