Edu-Tech is a digital guide designed for teachers and students to help educate and engage users to effectively utilise tablets in higher education. The purpose of this guide is to use tablets to target people with different learning styles to help teach more effectively.

Why Edu-Tech?

Multiple articles have suggested that understanding the learning styles of students are essentialĀ in order to teach effectively. This idea of pedagogy is crucial to the way we learn with technology and new challenges need to be considered.

Visual learners prefer visual content such as, charts, videos, images and graphs. This will help visualise the content betterĀ for these types of students. An auditory learner uses sound to receive information which can be in a form of music, speaking and listening. Whereas, a kinaesthetic learner are very practical, using body movements, physical activities and prefer to be active.

This digital guide will showcase the use of mobile application that will allow teachers to plan and create interactive seminars to engage student learning. This online guide will feature popular applications that have been successfully used for teaching with tutorial guides on the use of these applications.

Below is a quick start guide about Edu-Tech and how to use this digital guide.